PARIS day 4

Here are my pics from my last day in Paris (until Fashion Week that is :).

Like I told you, it was incredibly cold and the over layering was completely necessary.
Did some sight seeing and souvenir shopping, ate LOTS of pain au chocolat, drank a lot of tea, day dreamt a lot about the day when I finally move here and complained A LOT about about my stupid camera bag, yes, the ugly one with the grey strap.

I need to find a descent looking, or even better, super cool looking bag for my SLR canon camera, something I don’t mind carrying while I am strolling down the Tuileries in Paris, during fashion week.

Please, if you know where to find cool SLR Camera bags, let me know, I would really, really appreciate it!

P.S- I just uploaded more items to StyleScrapbook’s SHOP :)


Estas son las fotos de mi ultimo día en Paris ( ¡¡¡pero regreso en 2 semanas para Fashion Week!!!)

Como les había dicho, estaba helando en Paris así que el ponerme 3 capas de ropa era completamente necesario.
Anduve turisteando todo el dia, comprando souvenirs, comiendo muchos pain au chocolat, tomando te como si fuera el fin del mundo, soñando despierta en el dia en el que viva en Paris y quejandome de la espantosa bolsa de mi camara SLR, si, la horrible de la correa gris.

¿¿Alguien sabe donde puedo comprar una bolsa para mi cámara Canon un poquito mas Fashion?? Me he cansado de buscar y no he encontrado así que si alguien sabe, PLEASE HELP!



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  1. Looks like a wonderful time! The new banner is really great. Btw I think it's very cool you respond to the comments people leave you, some bloggers don't bother when there are as many as you get!Kan ik trouwens ook gewoon in het nederlands typen? Ik weet niet hoe lang je al in A'dam woont? hahaX

  2. que mal, qe te robaraaan tu camara!! pense qe eran mas decentes por europa!!! y visitas seguido mexico o solo por ionvitacion como lo de la tienda h&m .buenooo geniasl qe seas feliz.esperaaree con ancias tu canaal yuhuuu!!!gracias por responder el otro post/

  3. J'adore Paris! et J'adore ton manteau. Yes your fur coat is delectible. :) Oh man i love paris, and now when you go back you will know what to expect weather wise. Hope you had a great time in paris and a lovely time at Paris Fashion Week :) <3

  4. Hey Andy i am from Peru but currently living in Peru, AMO TU BLOG, ME PARECER LA PERSONA MAS FASHION DEL MUNDO Y ERES TODA UNA INSPIRACION!!! en verdad me pareces rechevere! and i was just wondering if you knew which brand was good legging wise? i am in a little town so i dont have access to a good mall but online works for meps- H&M no es valido ya que en USA no puedo comprar online, other suggestions PLEASE!!!!

  5. Just happened upon your blog…and I love it! Gorgeous pieces and they really work well together…am besotted with your style! Have been reading through all your past post and am looking forward to reading more :)Love love love, Erinxx

  6. o my goodness, i'll be there from march 5 – 13th! If you'd like to meet up for a coffee let me know! (I'm going to visit my boyfriend but he'll be at work during the days, so i'll be just wandering paris by myself!)

  7. Your faux fur leopard jacket is so cool!Andy, I need your opinion! Next thursday I'll do a presentation at college about Zara, so I would love to know what you think about Zara and your ideas for the future of this brand!Go to my blog and read more about it! You're opinion is really important!

  8. wow, looks like you had a great time in my favorite city!! I'm actually going there for a week in march before I more there permanently in July. Are you going back anytime soon!?

  9. Anonymous 1: I just cut by bangs again, I didnt dyed my hair, that is my natural color during the winter , the reddish tone is an effect my camera gives when I take indoor pics, I don't know why.You can see my natural hair color in the picture of the stairs :)Anonymous 2: me vine a Holanda pero aca vivia mi novio asi que no fue tan dificil :)Espero pronto poder hacer un canal en youtube para publicar tutoriales. Necesito comprar una cámara de video por que me acaban de robar la mia en Paris :(XOXOAndy

  10. Thanks for your SLR CAMERA BAG Suggestions! I will go check them out ASAP! If you find any more nice ones, don't hesitate in stopping by and letting me know :)Vero: Because I am too busy with this blog, with the magazine I am freelancing for and few other projects Im working on, thats why I decided to focus on my english blog and also do the spanish translation again :)XOXOAndy

  11. i love it!!! me encanta tu blog tengo una pregunta estas joven y asi como te fuiste de mexico a e.u.a???te fuiste sola y asi podrias responder por favoor :Dno haz pensado en hacer un canal de turoriales en you tubee..

  12. Love the pictures! It happens to me the same with my camera bag, it's awful and I haven't found another one!

  13. Everything is so beautiful in Paris. I wished I could go there again. Sorry about your camera bag but I don't know where to buy a super cool looking camera bag. If I'll find one online I'll let you know.I hope you had a great weekend.-The Trendy Fashionista

  14. Amoo los posts que haces! Me parece genial que hayas disfrutado de la visita a Paris, y en cuanto a lo de mudarte allí pues persevera y triunfarás, ya lo verás.Suerte con tu cruzada para conseguir una bolsa porta cámara canon con toda la onda.Saludos desde Argentina.

  15. hey Andy, I know what you mean about the cam bag! A couple of months ago I got the canon eh19-L, its a semi hard case and fits a number of canon slrs. There are a lot of pics of it on Google. If you manage to find it I suggest to have a look at it. I like it, it's practical and stylish X

  16. i have the same problem with my camera, it`s really hard to find something pretty. i`m really sry that i don`t have any solution to your problem.p.s.: i totally adore your black bag with the chain <3

  17. omg I want tickets to Paris right now! Nice pics, and your blog is awesome! :) I don't read many foreign english-written blogs but this is very nice one :D

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