Paris day 3

“Hard times” bag by YAZ Paris

Here are some more pics of my trip to Paris. There was a lot more sunlight that day, still freezing but I was brave enough to take off my jacket for a second, otherwise all my Paris pics would have looked like I was wearing the same outfit!

Had a small trip to LADUREE where I got the yummiest macaroons I’ve ever had (although, I had to line up for 30 minutes to get them), still worth it!, took a million pictures with the eiffel tower from Trocadero (I always find myself taking pics with the same sceneries every time I go to Paris) and probably will keep doing it over and over again.

I was wearing my DIY Denim jacket, my new python bag from YAZ Paris, I LOVE IT!, zara leggings, harness necklace from and 2 different pairs of shoes, you cant do sightseeing in Paris with high heels, must bring a spare pair of flats with you :)

And now for the news……..drums please………. IM GOING TO PARIS FASHION WEEK!!!!!!!!

More details coming soon :)

p.s- You can buy the “Hard times” Python bag by YAZ here:

  • Le Bon Marché, Paris
  • Galerie Houard, rue Saint Benoit 75006 Paris
  • Henri Bendel, New York
  • Intermix, New York
  • Harvey Nichols, Hong Kong
  • Kelly, Bruxelles

And at their show room YAZ, 163 rue Saint Honoré 75001 Paris tél : + 33 1 42 61 02 41 mob.: +33 6 03 51 52 09



70 thoughts on “Paris day 3

  1. wauw is het al zo'n mooi weer in Parijs?!! Laduree is echt gelukzaligmakend lekker.. je moet de Saint-Honoré met frambozen en rozenblaadjes proeven volgende keer. de Zara op die Champs D'Elyssee vind ik wel teleurstellend klein.. Ik ga binnenkort ook weer nr Parijs, maar die Champs D'Elyssee zegt mij niet zoveel, tenzij jullie goeie adresjes hebben in die buurt?

  2. Andy i love love love your blog!! so inspiring!!i must know about your watch in these photos! i've been searching for a simple watch just like this with a leather strap! what is it??x

  3. this is my first comment on your blog…it's fantastic! I follow it regularly. I like very much your style and your ideas!!! Paris is Paris! don't need other comment!If you have time and desire,look at my blog. :) I create it from not long. sorry for my elementary english.dascia

  4. Lovely!! I love this look and I really love that denim jacke. Ahhh paris is soo beautiful! I'm going in easter :) hopefully i'll get some good weather <3

  5. these photos are beautiful, and i absolutely love Paris!Paris Fashion Week… jealous much! i am going to London Fashon Week, but i doubt its the same as Paris. love the blog!

  6. woooow !! i definetly envy you!! ;)) but u absolutely deserve to go !!nice pics and i love this outfit, maybe even more without heels!

  7. ohhh darling…wow…you're super wooooonderfull in paris…you're fantastic…magnific pictures!!! :D loove all your last posts!!!! :-) you're a dream!!!!looove the new bag!!!

  8. you could NOT look more incredible. that goes for all of your paris outfits (and well, all of your outfits in general!)your pictures of paris are amazing as well!love love love it all andy =)

  9. Love your outfit, and both pairs of shoes! (; And I like the Eiffel Tower necklace you wore. Have fun at Paris Fashion Week!


  11. Que lindas fotos!!!La q mas me gusto mucho en la q sale como al mitad d suelo blanco y la mitad panoramica x) esta cool! Siempre eh tenido tentasion de los macaroon, pero nunca eh tenido la oportunidad de probarlos, de q son??? xoxo

  12. WOWWWW how did you manage that you superstar?How incredibly exciting!!I'm sure you will, but you must photograph EVERYTHING for all those of us who are missing out =]ps. I have those exact boots/wedges!!

  13. I love your outfit and your shoes they are so nice! The picture you took of the parisian metro is quite cool too..You are so lucky to go the paris fashion week – I hope you will post the photos- :) and be able to eat those good macarons :P

  14. oh, love your look and the pics!!just amazing!when u don't give your post a title your whole site is loading up (with over 100 pics!!!) when i want to see it!BUT when you give your post a title, just that post is shown!less loading = so much faster, easier and without my laptop breaking down each time!!i would be sooooo pleased if you could do that!! hahahaa :D:Di never make such a comment!hope u understand what i mean!

  15. Amazing pictures Andy ! I love the jacket and congrats on the Paris fashion week ! Your such a lucky girl ! wauw.Did you see my pictures from I love fashion news ? :)I hope you like them.x

  16. Your military jacket is amazing :)I've been to a friend's house just outside of Paris SO many times but I've never actually done any of the lovely touristy things in the centre of Paris. I can't wait to one day!Thanks for posting :Dxxx

  17. extremely jealous but on the other hand I'm very happy for you!oh and I love your shoes (especially the brown one!) :)

  18. Oh my Laduree macaroons you have me drooling here…You're so lucky going back to Paris!You look amazing doll!xoxo

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