paris day 1

This post wont be much about what I was wearing, since I never imagined Paris would be so cold this weekend, so pardon my over layering. I know its February and all that jazz, but I was definitely not expecting the “feels like -8” temperatures, the freezing wind and the snow.

This is my 5th time in Paris and every time I come back, feels like I never left, although this time, moving here feels much closer, much more realistic.

I came with one of my best friends and since it was her first timer, we did all the sightseeing cliches, not that I mind at all, because I could do this over an over again, it was just a bit difficult doing the outdoor activities with this freezing weather.

Bisous from Paris


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  1. Hiii !! Well, welcome in Paris !! Yes, i live there !! Are you gonna meet French bloggers ?? I'm not part of them but yes i love fashion too ! Have a nice trip !

  2. You look amazing!LOve the pictures have a great time in Paris and good look in finding great clothes, bags, shoes and jewelry of course!xoxo

  3. I love paris, I was there a lot of times and this city it´s always beautiful and special :)By the way, I made some modifications in my blog and I change the adress, now is, don´t forget to note my new adress and visit my new page :)Kiss from Portugal***

  4. O wow Paris lools lovely! I'm from Canada, So -8 isn't too cold for me lol try -30! Love your coat, very chic. Your moving to Paris permentleY??Amazing!-XX

  5. I am in love with your blog!I'm going to live in Paris too in a few years it has such a special place in my heart =]Would you like to exchange links darling?Merci beaucoup for your sweet comment =]Stay safe and chic ma chérie,English Rose x

  6. Have a great time in Paris Andy!!!!! I'm coming in one week and I'm seriously thinking of moving back there! I miss Paris and my friends so much! x

  7. I follow your blog for a long time but it is the first time that I leave a comment!You are fabulous, your every outfit is perfect …your clothes are fantastic!if you go just for curiosity goes from my blogalso to see the face of the mad who writes younicoletta

  8. So good too see your manageing to have a wonderful time despite the weather.Get ready for lots more layering when the big move happens!!=]

  9. Hey Andy, bisous from Montreal. Although my hometown will never be Paris… We do here in Montreal have the joie de vivre. You are so lucky to go to Paris… that's also my dream… Have fun and take lots of pics..So sad that you can't show all your outfits because of the freezing cold. At last, you are there that's what counts. Marjorie

  10. Thanks for your comments babes!!!! Paris has been amazing!!! pretty cold but amazing!!!!Anonymous:Sorry to tell you, but I already knew that and love it :)xoxoAndy

  11. Did you like Paris? When I lived there it didn't seem like anything special but now it sounds so romantic and fashionable! AAAh I want back there :P.P.S.: happy st.valentine's!

  12. Wow! it's so cold!But it's "normal" because here in Barcelona we have only 1º today! and it's more in the south! so… wow!:)well, anyway, happy san valentines dayyy!:) so romantic in paris!xxx sweetie!

  13. Hola guapa! Acabo de descubrir tu blog ahora mismo y he decirte que me encanta. Como he leído que eres de México te ecribo en español. Me encanta el abrigo, qué bonito y calentito tiene que ser ;-) y preciosas las fotos de París, tengo ganas de volver…Una cosita, me gustaría añadirte a mi blogroll, si no te importa. Podrías tú también incluirme en el tuyo. Un beso. Muua.

  14. i'm envying you so badly right now…my mum is french (but we live in italy) so i was supposed to go to paris during christmas holiday to visit my grandma, but my flight was cancelled due to bad weather. that sucked! i really really wanted to go this year :(you probably dont care, but i didnt want to look like an envious person without even explaining. lol.anyway, i love your blog, and i think you're really lucky to have all these wonderful opportunities! not to mention, your clothes are great!xoxo

  15. WOW!!!! Qué genial!!!!!Muero por llegar a París. Yo ire la primera semana de marzo para la Fashion Week, pero espero poder disfrutarla como se merece.Fuiste a Disney? Debe ser todo un sueño.Saludos,MWAH!

  16. i lived in paris for a brief period at time to study in istituto marangoni. paris is really a beautiful city, i hope that one day you achieve your dream of finally moving there :)by the way, can i ask what brand and color of the green nailpolish that you use? :) hoping for a reply please i really adore it! thank you!

  17. love the fur coat!oh and guess what? I've been like a million times in Paris, even lived there for a while, and I've never done the typical sightseeing tour…I've never been on the eiffel tower! Can you believe that? Anyway, have fun there!

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