I’ve had the same banner for quite some time and thought it was time for a change.

A lot of you told me through twitter that you like my old banner, but change is good dont you think so? Even if its going to take us a while to get used to it.

I spent few hours designing this 4 banners and since you are a big part of StyleScrapbook, I wanted to put it for a vote.
Just write a comment saying the number you vote for: 1, 2, 3 or 4, it is that simple….HERE WE GO!


Como ya llevaba mucho tiempo con el mismo banner, decidí hacer unos nuevos y como ustedes son una gran parte de StyleScrapbook, quise ponerlo a votación, solo tienes que dejar un comentario con el numero del banner que te gusto, y listo!







Dont forget to comment with the number! :)


397 thoughts on “NEW BANNER

  1. My opinion about the banner:# 1. You look like you are going to a funeral here. No way..To dark for your page. if a new visitor would see this for first impression, would never like to go further in your blog…# 2. I like this one the most, I choose this banner but with a modification: I would delete the quote: “a blog about fashion & style” And I would add a picture of you wearing a total colourfully dress or accessory. I like the idea of a banner with a real pic of you, and in this one you totally look great. But that dress is to normal and dark just for the page, I don’t mean normal about to wear it, just about to give something with more impact. Also consider a pic with a happy face of u. Take in mind that just to see you in a nice pic wearing something totally fabulous would make a very good first impression.# 3. Doesn’t have any colour. And the girl on the picture really doesn’t looks like you.# 4. I like a lot this one, but it doesn’t make much difference with what you already have now. And something difference is what you are looking for, right?. So despite this.#5. I keep my point, about that girl on the picture really doesn’t looks like you. I think all of us just agree about this. Don’t mean it in a bad way; just sorry but is not your kind of beauty. BUT here I love the idea about to add some colours….

  2. i think i prefer number 4,as it had the colour splash like water colour at the side and also, it was like a sketch drawing, and looked well nice. i love the others too,but the best was number 4 :)

  3. He!Ik vind de foto van nr 2. beter met de achtergrond van nr 4.Al zou ik bij nr 2 de .com helemaal in het rose doen want dat is typografisch stuk beter. ( Yeah, I know.. Ik studeer vormgeving, vandaar =)En ik vond 2 details leuk, die plakbandjes bij nr 1, en bij je oude banner By Andy.. Het is misschien teveel maar het zijn wel leuke details.Ik hoop dat je er iets aan hebt!X

  4. I like nr. 1 best. It's simple but gorgeous.Just out of curiosity: how do you make those "collages",photoshop? or do you use something different?x Dana

  5. Well, I like them all. They're not so diffrent. Maybe it's a nice idea to change your banner when the season changes. That will make a nice little difference :)

  6. my favorite is 4. i love colurs on that picture. No.1 is also really sweet! iI dont know wich one is the best aaaa :D maybe, you can change and font or colour of letters :):*

  7. number one, it is much simpler but with more effect. The fence behind you gives it a rough look and I like that. Or number 4, the drawing is great. Can't wait to see wich one you pick.Bisous

  8. I would go for number 4. It has that formilure kind of feeling, but is still different from what you've got now. I also very much like the pastel kinde of swatches on the paper. I think the colours make it more appealing and is a good start for the summer.. good luck picking your choice. xoxo Sjanna

  9. how did you made those banners becouse i love them and i want to do something like that.what program didi you use??please tell me :* >:D<

  10. how did you made those banners becouse i love them and i want to do something like that.what program didi you use??please tell me :* >:D<

  11. El n.2!! Es ideal!! Gracias por traducir a español!! Hace mucho q te sigo pero nunca comento!! kisses from Spain!!

  12. No.1 is the most suitable one with a neat,simple yet so clear features.The name of your blog and a clear picture of you is there-which should be the main focus to attract new readers.If there are too many items involved in the banner,people may notice some other things and may end up not remembering the name of the blog.So better use a clear visible banner to attract more readers.

  13. 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2! IT'S SO STYLESCRAPBOOK!

  14. I vote for #2! But without the bottom text "A blog about fashion and style." I don't think that's needed because the captions beneath the polaroid style images says it all. This is a great picture of you in the dress, I like the styling (hair, facial expression, and dress) #2!!!

  15. i vote number 2! i would like to suggest if you don't mind, that you put a collage-like pictures of you on the banner =D it's a stand out!

  16. el 1 y el 3 están fregones, aunque claro el que tienes ahorita tmb está muy bien pero el de colores le daría muchísima vida.

  17. hola andy! a mi personalmente me gusta el numero2, es muy bonito pero si ademas le añadieses algo de color, resaltaria aun mas.Un besito guapisima y x cierto fantastico book de tu viaje x paris me he propuesto q de este año no pasa q voy a conocer, y con estas fotitos mas ganitas ainsssss ;)

  18. el 1 y el 2 estan bien (bueno todos)porque apareces tu personalmente. Si pones uno con dibujo que sea el 4 porque la del 3 a pesar de ser mas realista no pareces tu…Me gusta mas el fondo coloreado como con manchas del 4…Me quedaría con el 2 pero con manchas de colores.Con mis razones y todo para que veas!1 jejejeYo también estoy en proceso creativo…xoxo Mery

  19. whahahhaha If I am being completely honest with you…I don't know , ehehehI like em all..Mhm I would actually say number 1 but the thing is with number one that it is not finished…I really like the bottom text(stylescrapbook) But i think it needs more pictures in it like the other ones than the first would be perfect!Hope you'll come to an conclusion and pick number one because that one is amazinngg and put some more pictures in it : DHope you have something on my advicexoxo Shannon

  20. El número 4 es el mejor! Toda tu página es negra y este banner es el q le pone color! Los demás están muy cercanos a el tono negro y hacen la página muy plana! El número 4 tiene la cantidad precisa de color!Opinión de diseñadora gráfica! ;)

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