February 18, 2010 in Uncategorized by Andy

Here is one of my Parisian purchases :).

I have been looking for sunnies like that since FOREVER! They were never the right shape but this ones are round and big, just the way I like them, they remind me a little bit to the CHANEL ones dont you think so?

Anyway, I will be heading home (MEXICO) for holidays in a month so Im sure that between this ones and my Dolce Gabbanas, I will certainly be protected from those UV rays :P.

In other news, I got my hands on the video from last Monday’s fashion show HERE, I thought you guys might want to check it out :), let me know what you think!

P.s- Some of you suggested me to start adding titles not only images to my postings (because the page takes ages to load all the images), I will start doing so, please let me know if its better, I don’t want your computers to completely crash every time you visit stylescrapbook.com 😛