Here is one of my Parisian purchases :).

I have been looking for sunnies like that since FOREVER! They were never the right shape but this ones are round and big, just the way I like them, they remind me a little bit to the CHANEL ones dont you think so?

Anyway, I will be heading home (MEXICO) for holidays in a month so Im sure that between this ones and my Dolce Gabbanas, I will certainly be protected from those UV rays :P.

In other news, I got my hands on the video from last Monday’s fashion show HERE, I thought you guys might want to check it out :), let me know what you think!

P.s- Some of you suggested me to start adding titles not only images to my postings (because the page takes ages to load all the images), I will start doing so, please let me know if its better, I don’t want your computers to completely crash every time you visit stylescrapbook.com :P



86 thoughts on “MIU MIU

  1. Hi Andy!!Thanks haha I also saw you wearing them last monday =D Love the glasses, they do remind me of the Chanel ones.. I saw a similar D&G pair with a leopard print last year in a magazine, but couldn't find it in the stores =(

  2. Je Miu Miu zonnebril is nice!Ik heb weleens last van het laden van je blog…dus zou helemaal super zijn als je iets aan kon doen.

  3. miu miu is one of my favorites…i love anything they do!!!hands up for the sunglasses…amazing shape xoxoquaintrelleboulevards.blogspot.com

  4. i love the glasses and really adore the packaging!! it must of been soo exciting walking out the store with that pretty MIU MIU package!! lucky girl xoxo

  5. Anndyyy esta increible tu outfit me encanto¡¡ amo como te visteess¡¡yo igual soy de mexico y me gustaria saber de que parte de mexico eressplis cuando vengas sube fotos de tu viajee¡¡¡ besos¡¡

  6. oeh love your sunglasses!I tries to send the movies of the miss i love fashion contest to you, but i was impossible!so I uploaded them on youtube!they are also on my blog.xx

  7. Tia! Eras la mejor del desfile con diferencia!! Menuda soltura, parece que hayas desfilado toda la vida, que desparpajo! y no se te veia nada nerviosa ni forzada. Que crack chica! jejeMi mas sincera enhorabuenisima!Besos!xoxo Meryhttp://laalfombrainfrarroja.wordpress.com

  8. Andy! me encanta bu blog, lo sigo a diario! Se que eres de México, asíq ue espero que la pases genial aca y si vienes a León serás bienvenida! :)

  9. Hey Andy!Thank you hun!! I forgot to mail you about the photo's on my blog. I've got such a chaotic mind at the moment. Ofcourse I can email them to you. But I've haven't got my memorystick overhere with the photo's. I left it a William's place so I will mail them later ok? I will also add you to my bloglist!Love those Miu Miu's btw!xx Leonie

  10. Hola Andy, me encanta tu blog, lo conocí por la página de ELLE. Me gustaría que tus textos los pusieran también en español ya que aunque en general entiendo el inglés hay varias cosas que no, y se que te seguimos muchas personas de habla hispana, así que sería un excelente regalo para todas, además de que seguramente aumentarías tu público (que ya es mucho). Disfruto mucho ver tus fotos y me encanta tu creatividad, pero sobre todo me da gusto saber que eres mexicana y que tienes mucho talento. Saludos desde el D.F. Sandra

  11. thanks for comment andy:DI know I look better with bangs but bangs mind me and in the morning looks terrible and I don´t have a lot of time, you know… but you look very good with bangs:D particulary like miss fashion:DPEACEeuropevintage.blogspot.com

  12. aahhh!!! thx thx thx a lot!!!i am so happy right now! hahahahah :D:Dit works soooo much better this time!! THANKS FOR THE TITLE! ;)LOL

  13. Those glasses are fabulous and look gorgeous on you. I agree sometimes the images take a while to load. Titles instead could be a good idea.-The Trendy Fashionistahttp://thetrendyfashionista.blogspot.com

  14. Están muy chulas!!! yo también estoy buscando unas gafas de sol nuevas…pero no quiero unas Wayfer, aquí en España todo el mundo las lleva y me he cansado de verlas, las tuyas están mejor ;)

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