I am an accessory junkie and believe that the accessories can make an outfit, so you can only imagine how happy I was to find this beauties in my mailbox yesterday ♥.

The ring/bracelet/chain is my ultimate fav, it is so simple yet amazing. I also got a harness necklace which I am dying to show you (as soon as I style it) , chunky bracelets, a pair of cross earrings amongst other things… so stay tuned for the pics :)
Check out FASHIONOLOGY, Im sure you will love it as much as I do.

Special thanks to Rachel from fashionology for the amazing jewelry she sent me ! :)



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  1. I'm an accessory junkie too!! But now I find myself taking them off once I get to the office because they are wayy too loud when my braclets are banging against the table and my necklaces are singing while I walk around. I still love them though.

  2. ANDY'S NAIL COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ok so I knew Andy had posted the color of her nails in previous blogs, so I went back and re read them all and found out the color for those of you who are desperately wanting to know: OPI "GO ON GREEN" …I know!!! I ♥ it too!! so I just had to go find out the name for it. I have a similar color my boyfriend bought me him knowing I really wanted it, :) it looks just like it, so if you can't find it you gotta opt for that one!

  3. Wow, I love that bracelet ring! Your life looks so fun! Fashion shows, stuff in the mail, fake fur hats! I HAVE to follow your blog!-Missy May

  4. Love it!But ehm… caroline wears jewelry on her blog too you know… so why are you copying ;)just kidding babe, see ya tuesday! (althoug it's still unclear if that would be at 4 or at 8)

  5. Saludos desde México!!!Encontrarme con tu blog fue una agradable sorpresa!!! Me encanta la manera en que haces las prendas básicas y colores como el negro y el gris interesantes, elegantes y muy, muy chic. Recientemente hice en mi espacio un “post” acerca del sombrero y en él, una pequeña referencia a Style Scrapbook. Espero puedas visitarlo y darle, como decimos por acá, el visto bueno… :DQue tengas un excelente día!!

  6. I loved all of your accesories! Hey I wanted your help :/ i've been aplying for becoming a LB member for a long time, Could you please invite me? Please Please. Thanks.

  7. Andy el COlor de esmalte, es impresionante!!(que marca es? o donde puedo encontrar algo similar?) me encanta!!! y las pulceritas y aretes, fascinantes!!! :) xoxoCati♥


  9. de ring chain heb ik ook besteld echt geweldig zijn haar sieraden! Oeh en mag ik vragen waar je de nagellak vandaan heb hij is super ben al zo lang op zoek naar mint groen maar kan nergens wat vinden :( x ps. je outfits zijn echt super

  10. oo ilove de groene nagellak!! zo'n mooie kleur! en natuurlijk de sieraden van fashionology! heb net je blog ondekt, echt heel leuk! xx

  11. love'm!! they look really good on you, they're so cool!! i checked, & you're right their accessories are just perfect. Too bad they don't ship to France :( Besos

  12. Ik hou echt van jou blog! Super leuk.. Ook zijn de sieraden super mooi, maar ik verlies altijd mijn oorbellen en verder draag ik eigenlijk nooit zoveel sieraden =) Maar jou staat het echt super♥ xoxo Jet

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