93 thoughts on “et voila

  1. It looks amazing, i definitely agree with the scrapbook inspiration, it looks lovely. And that picture of you is stunning. A great fresh new look for a great blog.www.dressedupdown.blogspot.com

  2. Hi Andy! I have a question…can you tell me a link where I can buy some t-shirts or bags..or accessories with Paris symbol? Thank youyour italian fanGiulia.

  3. me encanta!! acabo de verlos todos y la verdad es que el 2 era el que mas me gustaba pero le faltaba el toque de color del 4 y 5. Y el detalle de la torre eiffel me parece muy tuyo. Creo q te identifica totalmente!

  4. I love the new banner! i think it absolutely describes what your blog is about and it really catches your eye…Congrats!Sandrahttp://dearlookbook.blogspot.com

  5. TOTALLY LOVE IT!!! U LOOK GORGEOUS!!!XXwww.thestylingbee.blogspot.comwww.thestylingbee.blogspot.comwww.thestylingbee.blogspot.com

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