February 3, 2010 in Uncategorized by Andy

Ana Beatriz opening the show ♥


Bloggers in Fashion Week

I am a little late posting this, but I have been trying to do a million things at once, just to confirm yet again, that It doesnt work that way.
Anyway, like I told you last weekend, I was twittering LIVE from the REPLAY show last sunday and definitely the highlight was Ana Beatriz Barros opening the show, apart from that, I wasnt too impressed with the collection, I am not going to lie, it just wasn’t my style at all, but it was fun! (of course it was, they had a Victoria secret angel opening the show!!!!)

I hanged out with Sabrina from After DRK, which I only got to know this past weekend and we already get along amazingly well, not to mention she is a sweetheart and gorgeous!
We took pics, we met Ana Beatriz, drank water from a cappuccino cup and fixed our hair in a hobbit mirror, had a blast!

Now, I am sick at home (buhhhh!!) praying that its gone by next week (Im going to Paris!) catching up on bloglovin’ , finishing my articles for ABOUT magazine and trying to figure out how the hell can I watch the new season of LOST online.

can anyone help with the last one???

♥ Andy