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I am a little late posting this, but I have been trying to do a million things at once, just to confirm yet again, that It doesnt work that way.
Anyway, like I told you last weekend, I was twittering LIVE from the REPLAY show last sunday and definitely the highlight was Ana Beatriz Barros opening the show, apart from that, I wasnt too impressed with the collection, I am not going to lie, it just wasn’t my style at all, but it was fun! (of course it was, they had a Victoria secret angel opening the show!!!!)

I hanged out with Sabrina from After DRK, which I only got to know this past weekend and we already get along amazingly well, not to mention she is a sweetheart and gorgeous!
We took pics, we met Ana Beatriz, drank water from a cappuccino cup and fixed our hair in a hobbit mirror, had a blast!

Now, I am sick at home (buhhhh!!) praying that its gone by next week (Im going to Paris!) catching up on bloglovin’ , finishing my articles for ABOUT magazine and trying to figure out how the hell can I watch the new season of LOST online.

can anyone help with the last one???

♥ Andy

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  6. Andy!!! me encantaaaan tus entradaas, tus looks, tus todo! jaja el bra me a impactado, y no paro de soñar con el! :P de dónde es? o es DIY? es que me encantaaa!! sigo muchiisiimo tu blog desde aqui, desde españa, sigue asi, impresionandonos! ;) xoxo Marie

  7. Hi Andy,I see several others have posted links to where you can watch lost; however, here is another, from the television network who airs it here in the US: this page, you can choose the full episodes available for not only LOST but other shows as well. I watch here in case I did not DVR them. Enjoy!

  8. You are such a beauty!I love the grey blazer you're wearing. I'm looking for a blazer like that.Were did you bought it?? Tell me, tell me!!

  9. I really like your outfit, nice skirt! Sound so much fun going to shows and meet other bloggers. I hope you get better soon in time for your trip to Paris.

  10. Hey ANDI!I'm new here but I must say that I love your blog that much that I can't study :P even though I have an exam tomorrow :D hehe I just can't stop checking your outfits :) heheand this bra is amazing! where did you find it? I would kill for it so watch out :P hehe i'm just kidding :P hehe LOVE you style, blog, outfits, clothes, you are amazing so please keep posting :P hehe XOXOPika

  11. This Bra!!! WWWOOOOOWWWW!!! So damn beautyful!! I need it :) Its one size, right? At Ebay its around Size 36 and Cup B. Does it fit regular?L O V E Ya Blog!!

  12. can you please tell us where you got the crystal bra? it's so amazing! you have such great personal style and taste. hope you have an amazing time in Paris!

  13. Hi Andy! ¿Será que este fin de semana fue de enfermedades? La mayoría aquí en la oficina estamos igual, espero que te alivies pronto y no olvides los remedios de la abuelita que no fallan. Fantásticas todas las fotos!saludos!

  14. I totally need to get one of those Crystal Bras as well! Your outfit looked so amazing with it!Hope you get well soon, especially because you're going to Paris next week. And come on, it's Paris. You HAVE to get well. =D

  15. om Lost online te kijken: ik heb onlangs Vuze gedownload om Gossip-Girl te kijken (spelen ze niet in België) je kan het downloaden op je moet wel aflevering per aflevering downloaden en zijn vaak zonder ondertitels, maar die series zijn makkelijk te verstaan, je kan anders wel sub nl eens proberen in te typen ;).The outfit looks great, wow, you're really tall :P where did you get the bra? could you pleas send me a mail on [email protected] xo-Axelle

  16. I love your nail polish, I love your blazer, I love your bra, I love the pics and I'd really really really love to sit next to you :) great show, hm?!

  17. Your outfit is yet again, amazing =] is normally pretty good for watching shows online, but sometimes you can get dodgy ones.. normally pretty good though!!Looking forward to more posts!!

  18. that bra is amazing !!if you want to watch lost online you should check out , It always works for me :DBTW love your blog !!

  19. OMG i love your blog….i love your style!!!!!!!!!!!!! everything amazing….xoxo Eli

  20. Hi Andy!Just google 'sidereel LOST' and then you go to the sidereel website and there you have links to many other websites. Megavideo can be good sometimes but most of the time you're watching large pixels in stead of the show … You can also download divx and then go on all the divx sites and it's amazing quality!!!Oooor… you can download a program called torrent and you can download movies and albums with it!Btw: I love you style, blog, life! I'm really jealous of your invitation to NY fashion week! You should really go, it's a big oppurtunity!xo xoAfrodite of

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