once upon a time

The weather is improving, but don’t get me wrong, its still pretty cold but at least I don’t need to put gloves on anymore and I can certainly feel free to wear shorts (as long as I match them with tights!)

I love the idea of this oversized Trench so it will be very overexposed on StyleScrapbook during the spring season, I hope you guys don’t mind :P

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Thanks to everyone for all the support!


Por fin el clima esta cambiando, no drasticamente por que todavía hace frío, pero al menos ya no tengo que salir con guantes y soy mas libre de ponerme shorts si quiero.

Me encanta la idea de este trench “a la BURBERRY” y muy seguramente va a estar sobre-expuesto en StyleScrapbook esta temporada de primavera, espero que no les moleste :P

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Trench: H&M trend
Wedges: ZARA
Belt: Vintage MOSCHINO (ebay)
Python Bag: YAZ Paris
Tights: H&M
Watch: CASIO



My tickets to Paris have arrived and its suddenly becoming more real.

I still can’t believe I am going to Paris Fashion Week, because not only I am completely obsessed with the city but Im also insane about Fashion.

Next tuesday Im off, yet again and its crazy to think that I just came back from Paris 2 weeks ago, but this time its different, its FASHION WEEK, did I mention in Paris?

Ok, maybe I am getting too excited and overwhelmed by it all, but how can I not?

Stay tuned during the whole of next week, because there will exciting things coming! Don’t miss my reports live from Paris…..did I mention I am crazy excited, nervous, grateful and unbelievably happy, not to mention completely clueless about what I am going to wear….I have the weekend to figure that out, I hope I choose wisely.

P.S- Paris, dont miss me, because Im coming back!!!!



Just tell me who isnt still obsessed with BALMAIN’S military style Jackets??? If you are a die hard BALMAIN fan like myself, then this is the PERFECT DIY FOR YOU, enjoy…


The jacket I bought already had black trim on it, but it was very simple, I didn’t like it so I decided to give it a BOOST :)

La chamarra que compre ya traia una tira negra, pero estaba super simple y no me gusto, asi que decidi cambiarla.

Start pinning the trim to the jacket, in the military design you want, once you’ve done that, start sewing it, little by little.

con los alfileres, asegura la tira negra en el diseño militar que quieras, ya que tienes la otra asegurada con alfileres empieza a coser poco a poco.

Keep pinning and stitching all the way to the bottom.

Sigue haciendo lo mismo hasta la parte de abajo.



Once you finished the front part of the jacket, start doing the sleeves in the part of the wrist, you can do 2, 3 or 4 rings, I did only 3. (its the same pinning and stitching process)

Ya que terminaste la parte de enfrente, empieza a hacer las mangas en los puños. Puedes hacer 2, 3 o 4 círculos, yo solo le hice 3. (es el mismo proceso de la parte de enfrente)

another view :)

otra vista

Now, start adding the buttons (If you don’t know how to do it, ask someone to show you, its really easy and you will learn quick!)

Ahora empieza a coser los botones (si no sabes coserlos, dile a alguien que te enseñe, es super facil y vas a aprender rapidísimo)

C’mon, keep stitching, you are almost finished!!!!

Vamos, sigue cosiendo, ya casi acabas!!!!


Now show that beauty off!!!! ;)

Ahora vete a lucirla! :)