I was lucky enough to meet Victoria’s secret angel & Supermodel Ana Beatriz Barros today, she was so sweet and incredibly tall!

I was 1.92 cm with the high heels I was wearing today but she was still taller than me, so probably almost 2.00 meters tall!

Fashion week finished today, I have a ton of pics I have to sort out for the posting tomorrow so stay tuned!

Who was following the LIVE updates from the REPLAY show on twitter???



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  1. I'm 1.75 and I always wear at least 10 cm heels, but I live in the Netherlands so that's no problem for me :) No one ever called me beanstalk!gorgeous post again!

  2. Ana Beatriz is Diva!! Perfect supermodel brazilian!!proud to be Brazilian to have people who work so well and stand on the world! Kisses from Brazil!visit my blog:www.quandonarari.blogspot.com

  3. aren't you all at sea when you wear really high heels. i'm 1.76 and i feel a little wierd in everyday clothing because i'm so much taller than other girls. not even boys.

  4. you are much taller than i am, andy! i just 1.55 and when i wear high heels, that doesn't help me at all.ahahawww.eclecticraccoon.blogspot.com

  5. OMG! She's beautiful! U're soooo LUCKY!xxwww.thestylingbee.blogspot.comwww.thestylingbee.blogspot.comwww.thestylingbee.blogspot.com

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