Hi guys!!! Quick update to ask you for a favor.

I never ask you guys to vote but this time I need your help! you only have to click on any of the pictures or HERE and vote at the bottom of the page, entering your email address and the verification code, thats it! It would take you a 2 seconds and you would be doing me a big favor!
Lets see how many votes we can get!

Thanks a million guys and happy beginning of the week!



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  2. hi andy!can u give me an advertisement? i love jewelry and i have so many necklaces earrings and much more…but i don't know how to keep them in order. if i use something like boxes i end up always forget someone…how do you keep in order your jewelry?kissantonellina

  3. Qué mona!Tienes un estilo increíble, te lo había dicho ya?? jejeYa he creado en mi blog la entrada sobre las trenzas y puse una foto tuya, pásate a verlo ;)Por cierto, me encanta la falda que llevaste en los Elle Style Awards!1besote

  4. Voted, dear, because I really love the idea of layering those knee-high socks. You just made me want such socks so bad. Keep up with the amazing work on this blog.Hope you will visit mine and can't wait to read your comments. Thank youxoxo from Bulgaria

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