With the stylish Yara from This chick’s got style

With the lovely Nicole

There were girls taking polaroids @ the party, such a cool idea!

Last night was so much fun!! although I was a bit bummed about not being able to bring my big CANON camera to the awards, I just didn’t want to carry a big camera around so I decided to bring my small one instead, resulting in not so great quality pictures but I can live with that.

I hanged out with Yara from This Chick’s got style and her friend Nicole, we drank champagne, sat in the first row at the fashion show, complained about our painful high heels and spotted some out of control outfits, it was fun!!!!

The dress code was “folklore” but more than half of the people there wasn’t following it and since I had no time to go find a folklore looking outfit, I just accessorized with a folklore bag (made by the indians in Mexico) and a braid in my hair.

Skirt: River Island
Shirt: ZARA
Watch: CASIO
Belt: my boyfriend’s


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  1. wooooaaaa it's the most beautiful skirt! and it looks like so much fun..i wish you would've posted a pic of your bag it's only visible a tiny inch in one photo but it already looks promising :)

  2. Loving the outfit!You always look so cool and chick, and pretty, and trendy, and, and, and.. It's just amazing, how You do that :)FAN right here

  3. Oh great photos honey!You look amazing with the shoulder-padded blouse and that colorful skirt!xoxohttp://hisforhotcouture.blogspot.com/

  4. Oh god!I feel in love with your skirt!amazing look!Fantastic blog!I really love it! It's my first time here in your blog but I know that you're incredible!:)can I add you to my favourites?I like so much your style!xxx:)

  5. wow andy, te ves preciosa!!ese casio y la falda son divinos, aahh que daría por tenerlos jaja.Y junto a yara y nicole te ves altísima :oTen un lindo fin de semana, un beso.

  6. looks like a really fun night!you looks fabulous. I cringe when i can't being my good camera out and the picks are sub par. but urs look great :)

  7. Me encantan las fotos aunque sean de tu pequeña camara!. Me gusto comon fuiste vestida en especial la falda creo que esta increible!. Un beso

  8. Hi Andy!You're so lucky girl! I was an intern at ELLE Portugal but here there isn't any edition of ELLE awards! BahAnyway, you look great! Always stylish! Please visit my blog! And add me to your favorites!*Cátia

  9. love the watches. they're super up and coming right now it seems….at least at Urban and Modcloth. needless to say, I want and I covet.love your blog btw! so glad i found it.

  10. You all look amazing!Love the outfit, the skirt and top are made for eachother! xxxxLooks amazing, I once went to London Fashion weekend- its an experience I will never forget! xxxCamillaRAINBOWPAVINGSTONES.BLOGSPOT.COM

  11. wow,you must be very proud:)I adore your outfit,it was a great solution to just play with some details,this says again that you are a talented stylist;)

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