With the past snow falls, I have realized I do not own appropriate shoes for the current weather which includes A LOT of snow.

I wore my pair of over the knee boots and as I was walking down the street, a dutch lady looked at me and said: Do you really think that what you are wearing is appropriate for this weather?

OH MY! let me be! I thought (without having the guts to say anything or maybe I was just too polite) and as long as I like it, I will wear it, no matter what anybody thinks.
The boots kept me warm, I didn’t slip once and they look good so HELL YES THEY WERE APPROPRIATE! lol
That is my answer to her (if she ever reads this) haha

Stay tuned because I will be launching STYLESCRAPBOOK’s SHOP soon…You interested?

In other news, I have been invited to the ELLE Style awards in Amsterdam next week, I will keep you posted about all the fashionable people I meet there :)


Faux fur coat: River Island

Skirt: MANGO
Shirt: DIY


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  1. Hi Andy ! I love this outfit ! Please could you tell me the brand of those boots? I've been looking for them a lot in the winter but never managed to find the right pair ! Thank you in advance !XOXO,Chiara

  2. Andy:Super interesada! Oye, habra envios a Mexico o Estados Unidos? Espero que siii!Bueno desde que descubri tu blog lo checo todos los dias. Me encanta tu estilo…muy linda!Saludos desde tu tierra :)!

  3. that silly lady seriously did not know what she was talking about!! you look amazing as always and the boots top the outfit off perfectly and are definitely suitable for the weather!!xoxoPS: even tho you are experiencing bad snowy weather.. the pics are still coming out beautiful and make me wish it could snow in Durban

  4. Yo tampoco tengo calzado para la nieve o el temporal (que en España esta siendo increible tambien) pero cada una hace lo que puede :P y mientras que no te caigas, es que va bien.Por cierto, ya mi hice un collar como el tuyo de flecos! a ver si lo estreno y te enseño como me quedó.Cuentanos todo lo que pase en la gala!! xoxo Mery

  5. How can you use a skirt in the snow? In Portugal it´s so cold that I only can use a lot of coats, boots and jeans… tell me your secret ;)kiss from Portugal and have a nice week****márcia*

  6. Hello, my name is Roxana and I'm Romanian. One month ago I discovored your blog and ever since I have been checking it daily. You are so nice and such an inspiration! I wish you a wonderful New Year! Kisses

  7. I think that this woman was just jalous about your outifit !I like the snow so much and there is a lot of it in Belgium at the moment. But I'm a little bit sad too because a few weeks ago I bought a wonderful pair of black boots but I can wore it now because I don't want that the snow make them look awful…I wish that snow stop now :)enough is enoug !Jennyfer

  8. hahaha, yeah I got the same comment from an old lady in holland on the street (in amsterdam). Except I had just slipped and landed on the floor so she was right…haha

  9. As long as you don't slip you can wear them, what do other people care? why the hell do they ask questions about that??? I just think you're really brave, you look amazing, can't wait 'till your shop opens, will there be clothes you design or clothes from other stores???xoax-elle.blogspot.com

  10. Ah.. it is the same in Prague.. too much snow everywhere..And with your shop? I am more than interested!!!! Yay!!Enjoy Elle style awards, i will be looking forward your next posts

  11. Aww… Wish, it snowed where I lived. I am from Brisbane, Australia, and as you can tell it gets terribly hot here – it's summer here at the moment. Not to mention I love your taste in style and I love the fact that it's all like H&M/Top Shop etc

  12. OH i get that all the time with dressing appropriately for the weather! It's quite irritating. You look fabulous as always & the boots look great with the coat!acrylicbuttons.blogspot.com

  13. Too bad I live in a very sunny country which is called the Philippines. I really really want to experience snow! I LOOOOVE your Alexander Wang inspired hair. :)

  14. oh my! what business is it of hers what you're wearing? what a nosy person! i think you looked great.would you ever consider doing a tutorial for how to style hair the way you do it? :)

  15. I'm so happy for you!!Have a great time at ELLE and bring us many photos!I love your hair you look like you're coming from the catwalk at Alexander Wang's collection.You're soooo gorgeous and listen to this girl who has been listening way too many voices trying to bring her down-just be proud you're walking in your pretty boots and ignore people who are "worried" for you.xoxohttp://hisforhotcouture.blogspot.com/

  16. haha I had to face the exact same situation a few weeks ago…OTK boots in the snow, everyone was wearing uggs and stuff like that…looking at me like I'm mad…but you know what? At least my boots have nonslip soles!! hahaeveryone was slipping on the ice and I was proudly walking…bisous!

  17. I need some shoes too. But the girls always need new shoes, we know :DAnyway I really love the boots, and you look AMAZING, but is useless to say it :)

  18. Me encanta tu outfit en este post. El abrigo con las medias y las botas negras le da al outfit un estilo genial. Y una vez quitado el abrigo el conjunto de la camiseta con la falda es ideal. Un look realmente acertado chica.WMhttp://www.washmach.com/

  19. claro que estoy interesada en que me vendas algo jajajaja si las prendas son con ese super estilo claro que siy habra envios hasta mexico????muchas felicidades por los premios elle!!!!!!

  20. Love your outfit, and totally love the snow. It must have been really really cold! And I think style forms when you feel confident and beautiful in what you wear, and obviously that lady does not know what style is. =DI noticed how your hair is braided, but there is no rubber band that keeps it together at the end? How do you do it?Can't wait for your Style Scrapbook shop! (;http://styleconcerto.blogspot.com/

  21. this bag is amazing. and about boots, as long as you love them and feel good then yes they're hell good for snowy weather. :) greets from snowy Warsaw. :)

  22. Ugh. I hate the word "appropriate." It's just so … safe. Anyway, you look great and those oh-so-inappropriate boots managed to keep you upright, so I believe you win. lol. ;)

  23. Hago un post de maquillaje pronto va???? No traigo sombra verde, nunca uso sombras, solo traia liner negro y maquillaje muy basico :)XOXOAndy

  24. Hi Andy!!! I love ur skirt and t-shirt. Coat is soo cool too!!! The boots look warm though, aren´t they quite dangerous when snow converts into ice??? I am such a clumsy that I wore ones like those on the Madrid´s snow and almost die on the slippery streets! :PBest!!!PunkHeels Girlhttp://punkheels.elleblogs.es/http://punkheels.blogspot.com/

  25. so lucky..I want snow too!but in Greece a bit hard… ;)ok..you make me think once again.."what a great/lovely/sweet/fantastic and adorable outfit.!"and as for the Stylescrapbooks SHOP…count me in!!I want and I will be for sure your customer..!!with love,Alexandra!

  26. Bien andy siempre con un super estilo aunque el clima sea terrible Muchas felicidades y mucho exito…Antes habia echo un comentario acerca de que publicaras un post de tu maquillaje por que me encanto tu maquillaje de año nuevo, pero no se alcanza a ver muy bien si traes delineador o sombra verde… lucias genial…..dicat

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