January 9, 2010 in Uncategorized by Andy

With the past snow falls, I have realized I do not own appropriate shoes for the current weather which includes A LOT of snow.

I wore my pair of over the knee boots and as I was walking down the street, a dutch lady looked at me and said: Do you really think that what you are wearing is appropriate for this weather?

OH MY! let me be! I thought (without having the guts to say anything or maybe I was just too polite) and as long as I like it, I will wear it, no matter what anybody thinks.
The boots kept me warm, I didn’t slip once and they look good so HELL YES THEY WERE APPROPRIATE! lol
That is my answer to her (if she ever reads this) haha

Stay tuned because I will be launching STYLESCRAPBOOK’s SHOP soon…You interested?

In other news, I have been invited to the ELLE Style awards in Amsterdam next week, I will keep you posted about all the fashionable people I meet there :)


Faux fur coat: River Island

Skirt: MANGO
Shirt: DIY