January 1, 2010 in Uncategorized by Andy

Happy new year everyone!!!!

How did you welcome the new decade??? for me it was a simple sushi dinner at my place with my bF, while sipping champagne, listening to music and eating 12 grapes for 12 new year wishes (a tradition my family and I have).
This has been the most quiet NYE I have experienced in my whole life but to be honest, it was kinda nice, spending time with Rich and thinking of all the amazing thins that happened to us this year.
We were planning on going to the center of Amsterdam but it was way too cold outside and I wasn’t about to go stand in the cold for hours.
Hopefully I will be spending the holidays with my family next year.

I wore my Jimmy Choo for H&M dress yesterday but don’t be fooled, when I received it, the dress had no shape whatsoever, although it was a size small, the shape wasn’t like it looked on the website so I had to do all the nip and tuck myself.

How was your NYE ???