Happy new year everyone!!!!

How did you welcome the new decade??? for me it was a simple sushi dinner at my place with my bF, while sipping champagne, listening to music and eating 12 grapes for 12 new year wishes (a tradition my family and I have).
This has been the most quiet NYE I have experienced in my whole life but to be honest, it was kinda nice, spending time with Rich and thinking of all the amazing thins that happened to us this year.
We were planning on going to the center of Amsterdam but it was way too cold outside and I wasn’t about to go stand in the cold for hours.
Hopefully I will be spending the holidays with my family next year.

I wore my Jimmy Choo for H&M dress yesterday but don’t be fooled, when I received it, the dress had no shape whatsoever, although it was a size small, the shape wasn’t like it looked on the website so I had to do all the nip and tuck myself.

How was your NYE ???



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  1. Hi Andy!!¡¡Me encanta el vestido!! es perfecto =)Espero que este 2010 sólo te traiga cosas buenas, de tu lectora española, Irene.¡¡Felicidades por el blog!!Kisses!! xoxo

  2. hello my dear! I've been so behind… just caught up and your blog is just as amazing as usual! I LOVE this dress! Whatever tailoring you did, you did it perfectly because it fits you so well and you look gorgeous! Love the little rhinestones all over :) Sometimes a lowkey NYE is the best way to bring in the new year! Happy new year and best wishes for you in 2010!

  3. tu y tu novio parecen una pareja perfecta en ese departamento tan hermoso. debes decir mas sobre el!es holandes, cierto? hablas tu holandes? por que amsterdam y no paris??? eso es algo que me intriga muchisisisimo.el vestido no me enamora, pero lo luces increible. como siempre.espero tengas un año increible y que cuentes mas cosas personales tuyas!

  4. You look beautiful, love your nail varnish :) Sounds like u had a lovely new years eve, had a quiet one myself too but nice ;)

  5. hola!!!!!las uvas no pueden faltar para empezar con buen pie el año!!vas maravillosa, el vestido es bonito pero todo depende de quien se lo ponga porque a ti te queda genial pero croe que a poca gente más favorece!!por favorr tengo estoy en un sin vivir!!! tengoq ue hacer un amigo invisible y me ha tocado una amigiiisimaaa por faovr dame ideas para hacer un regalo a base de fotografias!!!!con una sola o ocn muchas.. no se como hacerlo!!!porfavorrr ayudameee!!graciassss

  6. Ohh! precioso vestido "Jimmy Choo"!tendrías q a ver visto las tiendas H&M en Barcelona cuando salió la colección de ella, era una LoCuRa, jaja!Feliz año nuevo!Besoss!

  7. Happy New Year!I love your blog,Andy you have great style! I also took my twelve grapes! I love sushi!I also love Jimmy Choo!Be happy!oxoxoGem.Por cierto si te escribo en español, me entiendes?

  8. The dress looks great! I noticed this too, my friend tried it on and it was shapeless on her so it just drowned her and she decided not to buy it; we dont know a thing about sewing.

  9. You look gorgeous in that dress!!!I'm glad you had a great time with the boyfriend.You run an amazing blog doll!Kisses from your addicted readerhttp://hisforhotcouture.blogspot.com/

  10. well, you look FABULOUS! and how do you feel about making a vlog? it would be sooo nice to see you in person :)have a happy new year!regards,L.

  11. Feliz año nuevo andy, ese vestido se ve muy muy lindo, que envidia que tu tengas un h&m :(Mi año nuevo también fue muy tranquilo (relativamente jaja) pero yo no comí uvas, comí unos chocolatitos muy ricos que trajo mi tía jajaMis mejores deseos para tí andy, un saludo y un beso :)

  12. Feliz año nuevo para ti tambieeen!!!El vestido es precioso!la suerte de tener un h&m cercaa! :)besos y abrazos desde tu tierra :)

  13. That's such a gorgeous dress! But to be honest when I saw the Jimmy Choo collection for H&M it didn't look any better than what H&M normally have…it was just branded and A LOT more expensive! You look good here tho!xxwww.svalbardsempress.blogspot.com

  14. The dress looks great on you and I love your nailpolish what brand is it?I know it was so cold here! I went to the outdoor party in Rotterdam but I walked home after a few hours, couldn't stand the cold either!X, fashionnerdic.

  15. You look stunning…that dress looks like it was made for you.but i need to know what brand of polish that is? I've been looking for the perfect gray nail polish.

  16. FELIZ AÑO WAPA!!!Nostros también comimos las uvas con las doce campanadas es una tradición que da muy buena suerte!!!Bsitos y que este año sea muy feliz para ti!!

  17. Happy 2010!The dress looks awesome on you! Sounds like a nice NYE! I went to a party with one of my best friends. Ended up to be a pretty weird party but we made fun, danced like there's no tomorrow and were in charge of the music… so we enjoyed ourselves anyway.

  18. Happy New Year!it's now twenty-ten..can you believe it?! I had a nice NYE, spent it w/ family and lit bunch of fire works..it was SOOO BEAUTIFUL!! ate lots of oliebollen (Dutch donuts..even I'm not Dutch!)Is your bf Dutchie or is he Mexican too? you look so cute together!!!

  19. Hi Andy! I started reading your amazing blog one month ago and now I cannot give up, you're so stylish and nice and smart! congrats from your italian reader, Monicawish you all the best for 2010!

  20. You did an amazing job with the dress, it looks wonderful! I had dinner with my family and then i partied with my friends…I am so curious, how do you make your blog headlines and your banner? it´s so cute!..

  21. Las uvas? I though that was a Christmas eve tradition?? I love love love sushi, epseically with pickled ginger (sounds bad, but its SO good). Me and ten friends went to my friend's house and ate and had fun till 6. I've had 3hours sleep. :SIt would be mine

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