I was lucky enough to meet Victoria’s secret angel & Supermodel Ana Beatriz Barros today, she was so sweet and incredibly tall!

I was 1.92 cm with the high heels I was wearing today but she was still taller than me, so probably almost 2.00 meters tall!

Fashion week finished today, I have a ton of pics I have to sort out for the posting tomorrow so stay tuned!

Who was following the LIVE updates from the REPLAY show on twitter???



This is what I wore under the trench coat, tee/dress by Stylesofia.com

This is what I wore today, while shopping for fabric and strolling down the streets of Amsterdam, which probably wasn’t such a good idea since I was wearing 12cm high heel shoes, I have learnt my lesson tho :P

I LOVE Trench coats and anything that reminds me of BURBERRY I will buy.
I love the shape of this trench coat because of the oversized A LINE bottom and since I couldn’t wait for spring to wear it, I gave it a try today, all I have to say, I froze, haha.

like I sad, I went shopping for fabric today, since I got so many people interested in the black ruffled skirt from my shop/blog.
I will be making 4, so if you are interested please send me an email at [email protected] so I can send you all the details.

In other news, tomorrow I will be twittering LIVE from the REPLAY show at Amsterdam Fashion week starting from 6:00 pm, so stay tuned!


Oversized trench coat: H&M Trend
Anchor Tee/dress: Stylesofia.com


Last night was so much fun!, I went to the SuperTrash show, was basically multitasking between twitter, picture taking and video shooting, Im not sure how I got away with it!
I liked the collection, but to be honest, I wasnt crazy about the brown, Im just not a brown person at all and few of the pieces felt like I had seen them before, with that said, I liked a lot of the pieces including a beautiful zebra print oversized cardigan and a sharp shoulder “trench”.
Met Annic from I love fashion news and Sabrina from Afterdrk afterwards. It is so nice meeting fellow bloggers that actually have lots of things in common with you, specially when they are as nice as them!

I will be hanging out with them on sunday @ the REPLAY show, since I will be sitting at the bloggers row twittering live so stay tuned!

P.S- I arrived to the Fashion Week lounge to find out that my picture was in the streethearts wall, I was excited!!!


Jacket: DIY


I love grey and I love everything with shoulder details therefore, this makes the perfect shirt for me .

if you want to get your hands on it too, visit the STYLESOFIA website HERE.

In other news, I am going to another show @ Amsterdam Fashion Week tonight, its going to be so much fun and not only that, I am also wearing my most recent DIY creation, so wait for it!!!

See you later and stay tuned for more Fashion Week reports :)


Skirt: Vero Moda