As promised, here are my presents…

The one who shocked me the most because I wasn’t expecting at all was the D&G Sunglasses I have been obsessed with for months, now, I just have to wait for the spring to come back so I can actually use them :P

Viva la Juicy from Juicy Couture
Fresh Blossom by DKNY
Black kohl eyeliner by guerlain
and last but not least, my new favorite pair of sunglasses by
Dolce & Gabbana.



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  1. Hi Andy, I just started reading your blog, It is an amazing blog and with your superior understanding of fashion.. I am soo in love with it… I think it's too late, but I soo love your d&g shades, is there anyway I can get them too?? will they be still available?

  2. I am obsessed with those glasses. Really. I cried when my vintage pair just like them broke- even though it was my fault they broke because I had a crazy party night which involved a heavy dose of sequins and an escalator. Either way…. you are going to look so cool in them.

  3. wouw! mooie zonnebril!& de 1e foto is heel schattig..Ik zag hem in de franse vogue en ben al de hele morgen bezig uit te zoeken waar ze hem verkopen :S

  4. Да , хорошие подарки….А как тебе новый аромат духов???Я надеюсь в следующем году справлять новый год в Париже…

  5. nice sunglasses and eyeliner!but i pretty much hate that juicy couture perfume!! a good friend of mine has it and i get a headache everytime i smell it on her!

  6. You must have been a verry good girl ebcause Santa brought you great presents!I had Viva la Juicy it smells divine!I'm looking forward to see what you'll wear at the NYE party.Wish you a verry happy New Year!xoxo

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