I still get excited when I see the 1st snow of the year which quite honestly I wasn’t expecting.
I dont think anyone here thought we would have that much snow last weekend but Im excited and hopeful that we will have a white Christmas this year.

The roads are covered in snow, the public transport is a mess and I don’t think anybody was prepared for this so if you live in Holland please drive carefully :)

Its freezing outside but who cares! I get to build a snowman!!! :P

P.S- I didn’t build the snowman in the pic, I found it on the side of the road :)

Dress: American apparel
White sweater: H&M Men
Headband: H&M


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  1. Gorgeous pictures!You always dress amazingly well doll!Have a merry Christmas with the dear ones and a happyyyyy New Year!Hope Santa will bring you everything you wish for.xoxohttp://hisforhotcouture.blogspot.com/

  2. very cute outfit! and for the snow – I think it surprised everyone… especially us by the sea! ;) but in my place, it's all gone today – bc it started to rain… :( Enjoy it…

  3. Wow you really love snow! You look so happy :-) well who doesnt love snow, rite? Oh you fashionable girl..I could never just wear ensembles like these during winter. I tend just wrap myself up in a thick coat and wear layers of jumpers and a pair of wellies..*sigh. Cant stand the cold! Merry Xmas and happy holiday :D

  4. wow, que daría porque en méxico nevara :(aunque si estando a 7°C me congelo, no me imagino a temperaturas bajo cero jaja.Yo tengo un vestido igual a ese solo que un poco más largo.Saludos andy ;)

  5. it snowed here too (first snowfall on my birthday last thursday!!) it's apparently been the craziest weather for manchester- the city goes mad when there's a bit of snow (well what seems like a bit to me being from CANADA- used to it! haha) lovely pictures xx

  6. Wow you really got so much snow. It has sarted to melt already in Paris :/ You outfit is so cute, hope you'll spend wonderful holidays!!xxoxhttp://b-entrance.blogspot.com/

  7. I love these pics! And I love the socks over tights-do it all the time when its cold. I'm going to Amsterdam soon and your pictures made me so excited for it! Do you have any suggestions for shops I have to visit there?

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