I have to confess that some days I dont feel like dressing up but I dont like looking too casual either, unless Im staying at home and doing nothing.

I bought this vintage Mickey Mouse sweatshirt on EBAY a few years back, mi sister got one at a vintage store in Vancouver before and ever since then, I haunted for this baby until I found it on ebay 2 or 3 years ago.

Here is Chiara from TheBlondeSalad rocking a similar sweatshirt today. She is a sweetheart and has an amazing blog and style, I love all of her pics and her short videos rock, plus our boyfriends share the same name ;)
Check her blog if you haven’t done so, you will love it!

When I woke up yesterday morning and looked out the window I never expected to see everything covered in snow…The first snowfall of the year! How exciting!!!!! It was freezing but I didn’t really mind it to be honest, I love snow and from yesterday Im back at being 11 years old running around and throwing snow balls, I love feeling like a child again and snow has that effect on me.
It probably wont last too long, I think we will have snow again today and tomorrow but this might be it for the year, who knows.

In other news, I am choosing the winner of the ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY later today, so If yo haven’t sent your picture and still want to, do it asap!
I’ ve received such amazing pictures, thank you so much to everyone who has sent one!!!
And for the prize, here it is brought to you by my sponsors! :




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  1. Awww definitivamente amo tus looks n.n Te habìa visto en Lookbook y me encantaba tu estilo, me alegra haber encontrado tu blog, aquì si puedo comentar XD saludos hasta allà paizanita n.n muah!

  2. The sweater is adorable! And what about the tights? I seriously want to get a pair like that… Umm.. that jacket.. I think I've seen it before, at Zara or something.. I want it!your blog is cool, btw ;-)xoxo

  3. Salgo con las orejitas de mickey de mi foto de profile y un gansito (marinela), si no la recibiste te la reenvio ahorita mismoSaludos,Clau!

  4. Just wanted to say I love your blog! I always see your pics on Look Book and then noticed your blog so I've added it to my favourites. I have a great Mickey Mouse jumper which I love, Mickey's head is just an outline of diamantes. x

  5. Awww I love that sweatshirt! I love Mickey Mouse since like Forever! Plus, I love both blogs, Chiara(theblondesalad) and yours(stylescrapbook)!I have a blog of my own but not as good as yours lol!Do drop by if you have free time ;)

  6. good work and nice blogand the name of teh blog its funny :)u ahve the same sweater like chiara :)hahavisist me& please read my post abot the carerras evening!greetings from good old germany.have a nice christmas time.Tzoules K.

  7. Por Dios andy, cada look que te veo me encanta! Tienes ese toque para hacer lucir todo tan bien.Yo tengo mi foto pero justo en esta semana he perdido el usb! Intentare buscarlo como loca por la mañana, haber si aun da tiempo el concurso.Besos desde México :)

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