Thank you so much to Tiffany over at stylesophisticate for the amazing Cancer Wildfox Couture tee she sent me, Yes, I am a cancer :).

Here are some pics from yesterday’ s outfit, for once the weather cooperated!

I have to say that I prefer snow than rain but I don’t think Holland will be getting much snow this year to be honest, so I will be pretty much sucked with the rain so lets make the best of it, any ideas on how???

Normally Christmas makes me so excited, I love it and its my favorite time of the year but being so far away from my family makes it really hard for me.
I wish I was in Mexico sharing the Christmas spirit and our beautiful Mexican traditions with them but Im here now and hopefully next year I will be spending time with them again…

Where are you spending the holidays???

Jeggings: VEROMODA
Boots: ZARA
Tee: Wildfox Couture
Blazer: ZARA
Rings: bought them in Mexico


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  1. Can you tell me where you get your bag from ? I'm looking for it, but i only found some shop but its only for 500pieces, and i only need one haha :)Have a great time in Paris!

  2. hi i really love your fashion and i was so happy to see that i have a blazer exactly like this from zara.keep going with the greatest outfit's kiss

  3. Ahhh! You… look… amazing in the T-shirt!! Congrats again! I am so glad you won the contest! :) I love the outfit you put it together with… you are truly incredible and simply full of style. I cannot get enough of you, your outfits and your blog!

  4. Holas Andy!!!!!Soy una asidua lectora de tu blog nunca te he escrito un comment la verdad pq no soy muy buena escribiendo jejeje pero ayer estuve viendo esta peli con Meryl Streep Julie&Julia (tienes q verla pa q me entiendas)y weno decidí no ser tan pasiva y hacerte saber q en Lima-Peru hay muchas personas q te leen!De más esta decirte q me fascina tu estilo, q amo Paris desde q era una niña y q para mi no existe un lugar más chevere en el mundo q la cima d la tour Eiffel =) Con respecto a tu pregunta, esta navidad yo al igual q mi esposo (el es sueco)pasaremos navidad lejos de nuestras familias…es triste estar lejos de casa pero intentaré divertirme y cocinar algo especial =)Besos!!!Marcella

  5. I'm gonna spend it in Salt Lake City, USA and I will miss my family in Germany so bad. But even though I'm not with them it will be a nice Christmas. It's the best time of the year :)

  6. Love the outfit. Oh boy, the shirt! I want the Capricorn version.(i already asked Santa for it. Hopefully he will give it to me. Lol, my fingers are crossed)

  7. amazing, amazing, amazing! cute outfit and bag :)aw there was a snowtorm where i live yesterday, actually. It's nice having snow, but only during the holidays, because then all you want is summerrrr!

  8. Hey, a have been reading your blog for a while now, and I must just say a love your style! You have a real inspiring way to combine your outfitts. Im from Norway and we don't have the same clothing stores as you, but I love to get insprration from you and your clothes :)

  9. awww me encanto ese outfit!y las fotos como siempre genialesyo quiero una bolsa de stylescrapbook.. es taaaaaaan genial.. ademas de q se ve super practica… deberias considerar venderlas o algo asisaludos desde mexico

  10. In the last pic, u're like Fergie in glamour magazine :)And i love ur house design , it's fabolous !!!U're really an inspiration

  11. andy!! i love your outfit as always … =] and at the bridge picture i can see how tall you are!! you keep saying that you have 1.80 cm but is so hard to believe it, and in this picture i see it. you should be a model!!! tall and gorgeous like you are!! think about it =] kisses! natalia from brazil

  12. andy, i looked up at and found the postman studded bag.. its $46, which is more expensive than here ($20)..after i reading your blog, i ordered it right away from one of online shops here in jakarta, indonesia.. :)your blog is really inspiring me..thanks andy xoxo

  13. I love this outfit so much! As usual, you always look perfect!I'm gonna spend Christmas with my family in Paris. I wish I could fly anywhere, but that's fine :)Hope you'll have a really good time though!xxx

  14. I like how you accessorized this outfit! You should sport a pair of rainboots for the rainy season! Hunter makes some great rainboots, and not to mention stylish :) I have a pair, but it rarely rains in south cali :(

  15. Oh! I loved the "Style Scrapbook's bag". Beaultiful!!!And, Perfect pants. Skinny. I love!!!Amazing outfit. You are beaultiful!!Hugs,

  16. Siempre divina. Te felicito por haber salido en las revistas, me alegro mucho por ti!!! un besazovisita mi blog que he publicado hoy dos post geniales!!!

  17. i am a new fan of style scrapbook :) make the most of your rainy days with a pair of Hunter boots!! they add pizazz to any outfit, i feel like i can take on the world when i wear mine!

  18. Wow, I have just the same problem when it comes to the rain. I live in one of the rainyest (is that even a word?) cities in Norway, and I don't think that this Christmas will include perfect white snow. I love your blog btw, and your outfits are really inspirering!

  19. Me encanta el toque que le da las perlas al conjunto , yo pasare las fechas en el Df :D , me fascina el clima de ahi, y las costumbres y tradiciones , aqui en Tabasco con el calor no se siente que sea navidad. Un beso!

  20. just an amazing always!love it..I adore the pants the tee..simple everything..& I want too a STYLE SCRAPBOOK bag..I will spend Christmas holidays in I looooove!with friends,family and a lot of gifts shopping.!!Goodnight..!Alexandra

  21. I just came across your blog, and I love it! I really like your new apartment (or flat?). I love Paris too, especially the Eiffel Tower, which has become my signature, along with zebra print! Our home decor taste is exactly the same! haha My husband and I will be spending Christmas either here at our house in Decatur, Alabama (USA) or at my aunt's house in Addieville, Illinois (USA)…not sure which one yet! Please keep up the blog, as I have already drew inspiration from it! :)

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