I love stripes, LOVE military jackets, love mini skirts, now put them all together and I get my perfect outfit :)

I got these boots at ZARA and I LOVE THEM! They are surprisingly comfortable although they are extremely high (13 cm heels)
I always get asked about my height, I am 1.80 cm, pretty tall for a Mexican girl.

I have to confess that wearing high heels while I was still living in Mexico was pretty much impossible, not because I didn’t like them but I was already way taller than all my friends so wearing high heels in parties and clubs was a bit awkward for me, plus there was always the odd loser trying to make fun of how tall I was.

Its funny how things change and how your opinion about yourself changes all the time.

I am so grateful for my height nowadays and I absolutely embrace it, thats why I wear high heels all the time and Im not planning to stop.


Jacket: ZARA
Shirt: ZARA
Boots: ZARA


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  1. soy de México también, mido 1.70 y en verdad es realmente incomodo ser una de las mas altas de aquí, amo la moda y amo los zapatos con tacón, así que lo uso de todos modos aunque algunas veces me sienta incomoda.felicidades, te vez preciosa!

  2. So cool to see you're also quite tall, and you just wear heels. I'm 1.78 or so, and I'm in heaven with my new Acne Admires that just came in ;)Love your blog Andy!-X-

  3. tienes unas piernas kilométricas que son de lo más sensual…oye…y no tienes problemas para encontrar pantys de tallas grandes para tu altura??? Yo mido como tú y me veo negro para encontrarlos, la mayoría se deslizan por la entrepierna y hay que andar subiendolos…

  4. Andy!Hola de nuevo!Me recueras!?jejeje!Si que te entiendo, acá en Mexico mido 1.70 y asi soy muy alta! Amo los high heels pero igual la gente se te queda mirando como bicho raro!Que bueno que te este llendo tan de maravilla!En definitiva amo tu blog y tu estilo! Oh tu apartamento! Que envidia! (de la buena claro!)Espero sigas con tantos proyectos y logros!P.S. (visitenme/ visit me)http://iinfluence.blogspot.com/xOxO

  5. Hola.Tus fotos, tu forma de vestir y todo tu blog en si, me han servido como informacion muy util para investigaciones.Graciasyou are an authentic fashionistaFrom colombia,Diana Garciawww.neonbloggers.blogspot.com

  6. te entiendo completamente andy, mido 1 m 82 y todavia se me hace imposbile calzarme los tacos, aunque me encantan :-/espero algun dia tener tu actitud y tu personalidad para ponerme tacos de 13 cm!te adoro!

  7. Hola Andy!… me sentí super identicada contigo, soy mexicana y mido 1.70 m y también me resulta incomodo usar tacones porque soy mas alta que la mayoría de las personas!! pero la verdad amo usar tacones y ser alta! :) asi que los seguire usando! Saludos desde mexico!

  8. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments!Yeah, the jacket is from ZARA's new season…ANONYMOUS:I dont know if you knew this, but XOXO actually exists long ago before Gossip Girl.

  9. Andy, yo mido 1.70, y tienes razón cuando eres chica la gente se burla de lo "larga" que te ves. Yo también agradezco mi altura :) saludos!

  10. I check your blog everyday although I never comment. First of all, your blog is great and your sense of style is perfect. I decided to comment today cause I can relate myself to what you said about being tall. I am brazilian, same height of yours which means way taller than most of girls here, so of course I was too ashamed to wear heels when I was younger. Our opinion really changes, thank God(:I wear heels all the time now!xx,Camila.

  11. Estás preciosa, me encanta el outfit!!!Y la verdad sigue poniéndote taconazos porque te hacen unas piernas increibles!Gracias por contestar a mi mail!!Bsotes

  12. How I hate it that in my country this jacket is not available at Zara!I envy you gorgeous thing!I cannot understand how you always manage to look so stylish all the time!Lov eyour looks xoxohttp://hisforhotcouture.blogspot.com/

  13. You look LOVE-LY again, gorgeous! And wtf, you have to be proud of your lenght! I'm pretty long too, 1.76 m. and always wear high heels! The higher, the better I say! ;)

  14. Wauw, jij hebt echt een te gekke website! Zeker geen zin om fashioneditor te worden voor Encore!Magazine…? Kun je vast ervaring opdoen en je portfolio uitbreiden, als je wilt. Keep up the great work!!!! xMM

  15. you go girl! love your attitude. :)I'm 175 cm tall myself and I used to absolutely hate being tall when I was younger. now I'm so thankful for my height!so yeah, I just had to share my thoughts about it hehe.as for your outfit, it's the perfect combination – love it :)xoxo

  16. Hi Andy, been following your blog for a while – LOVE those boots by the way, I only wear platforms myself as they are the only way I can go for more than 10 minutes without crippling pain!Was just wondering where you got that peace sign pendant, you wear it a lot! I have one too from a company called Thomas Sabo – check them out, you will LOVE them as it's all silver and they did a whole 'hippy child' range this summer!Keep up the good blogging :) RedHeadFashionista http://redheadfashionista.blogspot.com

  17. 1.80? vaya que eres alta! jamás lo habría adivinado.podrías ser modelo con esa estatura.pero te entiendo, ahora las niñas crecen más que los niños por acá D:y concuerdo con que esos zapatos son comodísimos.saludos!

  18. hey andyi love the look, am i right that you are 1,80m tall and with these boots 1.93m?wow,how cool is that?i wouldn't expect you to be that tall (i am your size, too :) ) but i think your choice of clothing is very flattering for that height.i had my problems with this height,too but i get use to it with the age :Dbest greetings from germany :)

  19. You are lucky for being tall. Sometimes we don´t consider the good things about ourselves. Your look is great. Perfect combo. I like all the pieces too. xoxoB* a la Moda

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