I was so excited on Friday morning when the postman came and brought this beauty to my door.

I always use super oversized bags and end up with a mad back and arm ache so Its amazing carrying such a small and stylish bag around without the hassle but still being able to fit everything I need in.

I absolutely love Kipling’s holiday collection bags, I think they got it spot on with the sequins, the bright colors, the leather and the designs.
They are the perfect size to take to the christmas and New Year parties or just for a fun night out in town.

Here are some of my favs but do go check out KIPLING’S website to find your favorites HERE. (YOU CAN ALSO SHOP ONLINE!)




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  1. ohh i loved the sweatshirt, i went to zara yesterday but it's such a shame they only have it on medium. BTW me encanta como te vistes y que bueno qe le enseñes al mundo qe los mexicanos no andamos con un mega sombrero y en burro :)qe algunos si se saben vestir bien :P

  2. Really like your style!! I didn't know kipling had such a wonderfull collection, I always thougth it was al lil bit backpackers-chic :P Thank you for informing me! We should really do a link exchange.. X

  3. Well…I said nice bag!And your sweatshirt??Is it still in shops??And by the way,u are very talented and inspiring!Me enamoré de tu vestido tambien!!Es siempre con mucho gusto que miro tu sitio! :)

  4. I just discovered your blog, it's amazing, love it!!! You have a very great style, your so pretty, and your hair, whaa!I never be interested by Kipling but your bag is so cute!!(Sorry for ma bad English, I'm a French girl)http://etincelledemode.blogspot.com/

  5. Hahah, well I'm not so sure about that :PAnd on Twilight, some of my friends liked it and others not so much.. But I'm still going because I'm just curious for how the story continues.(ps. if your BF doesn't feel like enjoying Robert for two hours, we could always go watch it together)The bag is so pretty! Never knew kipling did these amazing pieces.Great outfit as well! I also immediately tried it on with a grey skirt, saw an amazing picture of someone from Harpers bazar in an all-grey outfit with sweatshirt and skirt that was really gorgeous!

  6. ANDY AMOO TU BLOGsoy una admiradora ENORME! te sigo en lookbook.no sabia si escribir esto en español o ingles, but either way you know what i mean. esque estas viviendo mi sueño pero wow. espero poder a ser tan conocida como tu. encerio amo como te vistes y todo te admiro. de hecho ayer me compre en zara unos zapatos hermosos. unos que te pusiste si no me equivoco un sueter azul con una falda negra i en traias unas calcetas azules con los zapatos de zara. tienes una foto el dia octubre 3 creo. NO SOY STALKER esque hice como un review de todo. pero enceriote admiro PLEAESE PASA POR MI BLOG!i'm a huge fan!xx

  7. Hola Andy!!!hermoso tu bolso,(lastima que no las vendan em Mexico) tienes un estilazodesde hace tiempo que visito tu blog pero nunca te habia escrito, la otra vez lei la entrevista del blog urban and trendy, me gusto mucho.bueno me despido qe estes bien.

  8. Lovin' it, you look gorge!your outfit is soo amazing.Favourite one of the day, just so great :)those bags are amazing too!Theory of a fashion victimXoxo

  9. Wow I love your hair.And let me tell you, you should more often look straightly into the camera. Don't hide your beautiful face!

  10. Wow I simply love these bags, seriously cool!Hé I was wondering, where is your nail polish from? I've been looking for that colour, but I never find the one I want. And you blog is really awesome!

  11. Hola Andy!!Gracias por ser mi inspiración para mi recien nacido blog.Aún estoy investigando pero espero que te pases de vez en cuando ;) y que te guste mi visión de la moda y el street syle.xoxo

  12. simply amazing girl! :) I think this is one of my favourite looks from youFOR EVERYBODY, IF YOU WANT TO READ THE INTERVIEW I MADE TO ANDY CLICK HEREhttp://urbanandtrendy.blogspot.com/2009/11/i-continue-with-my-interview-section.htmland you andy, if you put the link in your next post i will be very grateful, i want if it's possible, people to read your interview :)best wishes

  13. can you pleaaase tell me where your mintgreen nailpolish is from?i have searched so long for this colour bur didn't had the luck on my side .__.nice outfit!

  14. Los bolsos son preciosos, pero lo que me ha enamorado realmente es todo tu outfit: el esmalte verde, el vestido, la trenza, etc… TODO! Un beso, te sigo por supuesto.X.

  15. Estas guapísima tan gris y con ese collar tan chic de perlas. La trenza larguísima te queda estupenda. Y el bolso..que decir..pues queme encanta toda la colección de la nueva temporada de Kipling, los bolsos son todos divinos. Un besazo!

  16. OMG!i really like your outfit!!!!I'm looking for those tights but I don´t find (in my city doesn´t have H & M) = (and that is Chanel nail polish?? Jade I think the color is really awesome …. I want it too!! and ur braid, of course i love it!!! my new post in my blog is about Wang´s braid like yours!=) hahahaxxx!

  17. Andy,cute outfit! You wore it well. Slash your accessories are to die for! I love the overall feel of your blog. I'd love to link your blog if that's alright with you. I'll definitely be stopping by more often.Come by and say hi if you'd like : ) xxLouisehttp://thefwordonline.blogspot.com

  18. Lovve this outfit and soo need a pair of polka dot tights like yours asap. Love the nail polish, mine are jade at the moment :) Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  19. Andy, this outfit is beautiful! I love the gray on gray with the black polka dot tights. Ooh and those handbags! They are AMAZING!!xoxoAmythebargainhunterextraordinaire.blogspot.com

  20. Veras… no soy nada fan de kipling siempre se me han hecho aburridas yu sin estilo alguno , quizas por que solo he visto modelos en sanborn's jajajaa… pero ahora que muestras estos modelos cambia mi percepcion sobre la marca!. Por cierto me encanto tu sweattshirt, el detalle de los hombros esta increible.. xoxo

  21. dios los botines¡¡¡¡son una pasada¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ oye un apreguntita en cuanto a la camiseta de david roberts.como talla?? es decir quiero que no m kede sumamente pegadita…so sor m???gracias¡¡¡¡

  22. Andy!!! I want your shoes! I see them on a blog sometimes ago and i dream about it! When did you find them? Are them from this season? please help me :)Great outfit by the way!

  23. Hola guapa!!!Te sigo desde hace un tiempo,y me encanta el estilazo que tienes..casi siempre con prendas al alcance de el bolsillo… ;)Me enamore perdidamente de tus botas…de ZARA????eN España????Un besazo guapisimaaaaaaaaaa

  24. wow this is a really amazing bag!When i was like 11 I used to have a kipling backpack in the shape of a monkey!! and i also used to collect all those kipling monkeys!! they´re so cute… and they all have different names… oh the joy of my childhood ahha :D x

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