I must confess that I think about moving to Paris every single day and as soon as I saw this Eiffel tower sweater from TOPSHOP, I had to get it.

Will this obsession ever come to an end??? I think not, unless I make my dream come true, move there and fall out of love with the most beautiful city I’ ve laid my eyes on, but lets be honest, falling out of love with it will never happen, so yes, I will always be obsessed with Oh La La, PARIS.

Changing the subject, I am going full on Christmas decorating tomorrow while wearing my flannel pj’ s, listening to my collection of Christmas carols, lighting some cinnamon scented candles and maybe sipping on some Glühwein, I CANT WAIT!

Have you started your Christmas decorating??



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  1. Acabo de descubrir que además de tu blog en Elle.es también tienes este maravilloso en blogspot. Ahora mismo te añado a mi lista de blog suqe sigo:)Me encanta la camiseta, es preciosa!Sabes que? me encantaria que nos hicieras una lección de una de esas faldas body-con DIY que tienes. Me encantan, y añun no me he atrevido a hacerme la mía..así que me vendría bien algún consejo:)Un beso AndyMª Jesús

  2. Whaoooo!! Great T-shirt!! I love Paris too!! I've just come back from Paris… It's always fantastic being there!!! And of course….I lovelovelove Tour Eiffel!!Giulia_

  3. Whaoooo!! Great T-shirt!! I love Paris too!! I've just come back from Paris… It's always fantastic being there!!! And of course….I lovelovelove Tour Eiffel!!Giulia_

  4. wow! Gorgeous Andy! Love the last pic! About Paris, I totally understand you, as you know, I've been living there for 2 years and I miss it, Paris is the most beautiful city in the world! YES…I've started Christmas decorating, I love Christmas so much, I love watching Christmas movies, sending cards…. And this year I'm going to Disneyland in Paris just before Christmas so it's gonna be awesome!xxxEmilie

  5. Why do you always wear sunglasses? You look fab without it, and wearing it with almost all outfit shots kinda ruins the picture.Just a though, sometimes a fresh face completes a stunning outfit!

  6. Wow love that sweater:) You are always so polished. Love your style, oooo especially the boots(cmon Zara ship to New Zealand lol)http://dissect-me.blogspot.com/Kim xx

  7. i really love all ur styles and i visit ur blog everyday..could you please give me some tips on rearranging clothes in the wardrobe that can help when dressing up in the morning. thanks. that will really help massively.

  8. La gente dice que cuando te obsesionas con is more likely to get it. Así que sigue así con tus sueños, me encanta tu blog es super fresco y la vanguardia!!XOXXwww.ginaprestan.blogspot.com

  9. Hola soy d colombiame encanat tu blog :)siempre lo sigosiemrpe em a gustado esto y ahsta ahora me decidi a comenzar en estoseria genail q entraras a mi espaciesillohttp://allthedarkmatter.blogspot.com/y me dieras una opinion :)ojala tengas tiempoigual no importa queria decirtelo :)q todo salga bien

  10. Holaa muy lindo todo! Pero una pequeña crítica, he visto que usas mucho mucho negro, siempre hay algo negro involucrado, sería interesante ver outfits más seguido que no tuviesen negro, sé que los haz hecho antes, pero últimamente se han visto poco. Besos!

  11. Andy I have to say this.I usually dont leave any comments.But this outfit is just dissappointing.Your style is always amazing!BUT THIS!!!!I really hate this outfit!Way too much!Did you look in a mirror before leaving your home?kiss

  12. aah ik ben ook zo vreselijk verliefd op Parijs ! Ik ga er volgend jaar stage lopen, dus mijn droom gaat wel uitkomen waarschijnlijk! Hele mooie outfit trouwens !

  13. I understand you….Paris is so lovely…..By the way i´m leaving to Mexico next christmas and I wonder if you could make a post about your favourite places or things of Mexico, It would be so useful!!!!Thanks!

  14. the tights although are not a big focus but i love them soooooo much!they add so much texture and pattern to your already lovely outfitim so excited about xmas ahah

  15. Who knows,maybe one day you`ll make your dream come true!Why not!My dream is moving to Paris or London,so I`ll also try to make that dream come true :)You are a smart and pretty girl,you can do whatever you want ;)I love that Topshop shirt,I saw it on the internet but they didn`t have it here in Split :(

  16. We always start our Christmas decorating the day after Thanksgiving, so naturally Thanksgiving doesn't feel overlooked ;)! I'm pretty obsessed with Paris too, but in a different way…I've never been and I have tried to think of every opportunity to get there. Maybe one day…Anyways, gorgeous pictures and outfit!

  17. llevo ya meses siguiendo tu blog! soy mexicana tmb; y debo decir que tienes estilazo! me encanto la falda con las medias plumetti! Felicidads tu blog me encanta!

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