November 14, 2009 in Uncategorized by Andy

It was 9 pm last night, I was still deliberating if I should try to buy the dress I’ve been craving from the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection online.

I never go to the store on the launching day, not because I don’t want to buy, because I do, OH I DO! The reason is because I hate crowds and the thought of queuing for hours in the rain and the cold, surrounded by obsessive shopaholics like myself, dying to get inside the shop and fight for garments if necessary, the pushing, etc…quite frankly I am too impatient for that so I decided to give it a try online.

I woke up early and after letting my boyfriend know that his help might be necessary I ran to my mac and try set the website just so that the only thing I would have to do, was click at exactly 10:00 am.
To my surprise (and I should probably have thought about it before), the website was already full and wasn’t letting me in.
It was 10 o’clock, the moment of truth and there I was, unable to even get on the H&M website.
It said there was a technical error and as the minutes went by, I started to slowly loose hope (although I never stopped clicking the refresh button)
After about 10 minutes of constant clicking, I thought ; Oh well, its not the end of the world is it?
Went into the kitchen to get a bowl of cereal while my boyfriend was still trying to access the H&M website and suddenly he said the words ; ITS WORKING NOW!!!!!

Somehow he managed to access the online shop in a different way and sneaked me in…

The rest is yet to happen…I ordered my beloved dress and it should be with me in about a week or 2.
I guess thats New Year’s eve outfit sorted!

Shout out to my Bf:
Thanks baby!!!! If it wasn’t for you!!!!!

Did you manage to get anything?