It was 9 pm last night, I was still deliberating if I should try to buy the dress I’ve been craving from the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection online.

I never go to the store on the launching day, not because I don’t want to buy, because I do, OH I DO! The reason is because I hate crowds and the thought of queuing for hours in the rain and the cold, surrounded by obsessive shopaholics like myself, dying to get inside the shop and fight for garments if necessary, the pushing, etc…quite frankly I am too impatient for that so I decided to give it a try online.

I woke up early and after letting my boyfriend know that his help might be necessary I ran to my mac and try set the website just so that the only thing I would have to do, was click at exactly 10:00 am.
To my surprise (and I should probably have thought about it before), the website was already full and wasn’t letting me in.
It was 10 o’clock, the moment of truth and there I was, unable to even get on the H&M website.
It said there was a technical error and as the minutes went by, I started to slowly loose hope (although I never stopped clicking the refresh button)
After about 10 minutes of constant clicking, I thought ; Oh well, its not the end of the world is it?
Went into the kitchen to get a bowl of cereal while my boyfriend was still trying to access the H&M website and suddenly he said the words ; ITS WORKING NOW!!!!!

Somehow he managed to access the online shop in a different way and sneaked me in…

The rest is yet to happen…I ordered my beloved dress and it should be with me in about a week or 2.
I guess thats New Year’s eve outfit sorted!

Shout out to my Bf:
Thanks baby!!!! If it wasn’t for you!!!!!

Did you manage to get anything?


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  9. love that dress! perfect for new years.p.s. I've been following your blog for a while now and just love your style! you have been a great inspiration. <3check out my style sometime

  10. Hola Andy! En España la organización ha sido bastante buena, yo no fui porque el presupuesto no me daba para nada, pero se ve que si que habia colas, pero la gente pasaba por numeros, con solo 10 minutos para elegir y comprar calzado y complementos, que estaban como en un lugar vip con su valla y su seguridad. Todo super organizado. Pero que suerte que tienes tienda online, yo en las tiendas nunca encuentro nada que me guste pero españa no tiene shop online…Me encanta tu blog, tienes un estilo que lo flipas y encima hispana!Besos!

  11. The line was insane. I waited for four and a half hours and there was barely anything left once I got in. I bought leggings, a bracelet and a t-shirt for my husband. All the shoes looked really cheap. I should've tried shopping online because waiting in line was definitely not worth it. I'm glad you were able to get the dress you wanted.

  12. hi andy! don't worry too much it wasn't that awful, i think the style is supposed to be a bit bigger with the shoulder pads of course but it just looked funny on me- didn't give any shape! I'm 5'8 (not sure what that is in cm so tall as well)…it was longer than I would have liked too. this might just be different preferences though! i think it wouldn't be too hard to take in a bit if you don't like the fit, i just don't have any sewing skills!good luck!!!! either way, it's an amazing NYE dress. i hope it fits you wonderfully when it arrives- please do let me know when you get it because i'm so curious!cristina from

  13. encontree tu blog de por puraa chiripadaa!!! y me entretuveee las horaas leyendo tus post..y debo decir k te adoreee!!!….y de repente, cai en la cuenta de ke eras mexicanaa!!!y te adoree aun maaas!!!De verdad que te convertiste en mi idolo en ese momento xD…lanzarte a vivir a Amsterdam..buscandote un lugar …wooww!!!…mis respetos para ti ;) y mis mejores deseos..pork de vdd espero ke lo puedas wait..estoy segura ke lo podras alcanzar…xD y tu blog se ha quedado n mis favoritos…ahora..una pequeña di cuenta ke tenaas un twitter e intento mandarte una peticion..pero esta teniendo problemas :Sso, me preguntaba si podria agregarte tmb al twitter??En fin…de vdd te deseeo lo mejor!! y que estilo tienes…xDy es puraaa envidia de la buena..xD lo aclaro xD

  14. I can understand the rush/frustration of shopping online… I'm an Ebay whore and don't bid on an item until 1 minute to close. Scary and thrilling.

  15. In Milan there were people waiting in line from 3 am in the morning…it was insane!!I waited one hour with my boyfriend then I gave up!!Kisses!

  16. Congrats on the dress!After waiting in line on their website for more than 2 hours (!), I finally got in :) Managed to get the black studded ballerinas I wanted – yess!//Manja

  17. I was in Milan and there was a delirium! I have to fight to catch something! At the end I bought grey suede ankle boot, leather jacket, blu and pony scrafs and studded bracelet!I saw your dress and it's fantastic!

  18. Let's just say this Miami/Tropical girl is finding herself in many more layers. And all we've had here so far is in the 40ºF at the coldest. Dec. – Feb. is supposed to go as low as 17ºF or in the 20º's F — so we will find out! HAHA. But I love getting to wear my boots, jackets, etc. I do miss Miami a lot though, you must miss Mexico huh?xxx

  19. ola niña,hace tiempo que sigo tu blog en elle y me encanta. y me gustaria preguntarte como haces para poder poner el titulo de los pos en este blog asi,tan chulos es que yo me e vuelto loca buscando y no me sale.te lo agradeceria.bsitos

  20. I went at 8 am but the cue was already so long and I wasn't one of the first 160 customers so I didn't get to the accessories…HOWEVER, I did manage to get the full length black jumpsuit (sooo cute).What size did you get in this dress? I tried on the small and it was massive and just didn't do anything for me! :( I know it's supposed to be a bit oversized but the fit just didn't work on me at all! Disappointing because it was also my fav item! Hope it works for youuuxx

  21. Great dress. I found the shoe collection a bit disappointing but some clothes are really nice.Also a lot of people buy stuff so they can re-sell it online for even more. So all the dutch sad ones can always try Marktplaats :P

  22. ahaha-same here! I wanted to get exactly that dress, but it was hopeless to get in the onlineshop.Sooo sweet of your boyfriend he got u in-I'm pretty sure this dress will look AMAZING on you ! :)

  23. Ok,I officially hate you…You ordered my favorite piece from the entire collection,that dress :(It is GORGEOUS!xxP.S.You know I dont hate you haha

  24. I really love that dress!! I would like to buy that too, but im not sure yet.. There're also a couple pair of shoes in the collection which i'd like to have:)

  25. It's going on right now as I type this, but no one wanted to line up with me and I didn't want to go alone, so I may end up not getting anything, which is sad, because I really wanted to try on the studded flats.

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