November 14, 2009 in Uncategorized by Andy

I bought this dress from H&M trend last spring, wore it once while in Mexico last summer and completely forgot about it.

I thought it was screaming summer so I toned it down with a blouse on top and turned it into a skirt.

Some people have asked me where do I get the name of my titles. Most of the time they are lyrics from favorite songs and they have to do with how I’m feeling or what I am thinking at the time…nothing random about them at all, they all have a meaning to me :)

Also, I have been receiving a lot of emails and comments about my hair color, you have asked me if its natural or which dye color it is.
It is indeed natural, I’ve never dyed my hair but something strange happens with it every season, this is actually my real hair color, but lately my hair is looking reddish (in pictures), because thats not how it looks live, so I think that the reason why my hair is looking red its because of the color settings on my camera.

P.S- Next posting will be about my Jimmy Choo for H&M experience…did I manage to get something? wait and see!!!


Dress/skirt: H&M trend
Blazer: ZARA
Black shoulder padded blouse: ZARA
Watch: TIMEX
Shades: Ray.Ban wayfarers
Scarf: H&M