November 11, 2009 in Uncategorized by Andy

The weather has drastically changed in the past week, surprisingly sunday afternoon was not that bad and a mini skirt paired with knee high boots seemed like a good idea.

I have already turned into premature Christmas mode and one of my crazy ideas is to start decorating this weekend.
I know it might be too early but then again, I remember when I was a little girl and used to beg my mom to start decorating on the 6th of November, so if you think about it, I am already late!

The boyfriend doesn’t seem to have any objection and seems keen to help so Im thinking: Lets do this!
I will post my xmas tree pics as soon as I have it up…OH MY, I CAN HARDLY WAIT!

Skirt: DIY
Jacket: ZARA
Shirt: ZARA

p.s-This is today’s song