I bought this black mini dress in ZARA about a month ago and since it was still hanging in my closet with tags and all, wearing it tonight seemed like the right thing to do.

Of course, I decided to make it a little more interesting and added the fringed shoulder pad DIY “a la Balmain” that I made the other day.
Unfortunately, the pics were taken indoor yet again (I didn’t want to carry the camera around all night) so you cant see the different textures very well, but you get the idea right?

So how’s your weekend been?

Btw, have you heard David Guetta’s “Sexy Bitch” song yet??? I cant get it out of my head!!!

Ciao lovelies! have an amazing lazy Sunday…

Dress: ZARA
Tights: H&M
Clutch: DIESEL
Shoulder pads: DIY

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  1. Hi, Andy !I want to ask something, how long it take when you want to be a member on lookbook ?Btw; You outfit is splendid.comme toujours (:zoeandfashion.blogspot.com

  2. OK, so I'm going to find your home here in amsterdam and steal those shoulder pads! (while I'm at it, I might take those tights as well..!)Do you also make them for other people or sell them?It's one of the prettiest versions I've seen :)

  3. Love the shoulder pads, and i defo know what you mean by neglecting new items in your closet- they deserve there day/night out in town!

  4. Hola andy!! yo tambien soy mexicana obsesionada de la moda, estoy en diseño textil en la ibero y mi sueño es ser fashion stylist. Tu blog me inspira muchisimo y no solo eso, sino tu misma me inspiras a saber que SI se puede hacer algo en la moda, siendo mexicana. Viendo tus medias me recordaron a unas que saco Betsey Johnson pero en vez de puntitos son corazones, bellisimas! Te mando un saludo y… sigue siendo arte!!http://www.lareineetsaministredesmodes.com/

  5. Andy I love those photos! You look absolutely gorgeous! Love the shoulders of the dress!Oh…and AWESOME tights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoEmilie

  6. Estoy bien traumada con la cancion!!! jaja.. y si me puedo imaginar la textura del vestido que es una belleza pero el protagonismo se lo llevan las hombreras… LOVELY .. un beso

  7. love the shoulders, soo cool! Cant believe you actually make them yourself, could you write a blog post on how you do it? It is really hard finding some in the stores that are exacty what I want, obviousy norway aren't that big on shoulderpads yet ;) you are so pretty, and finally a picture where you actually look at the camera : ) ;)

  8. Love those shoulders, and that song always gets me in the mood for going out:)!!If you have time you should enter my Audrey Hepburn book competition as Im giving away 2 gorgeous books ina few hours!thestylestrutter.blogspot.comxxx

  9. I love the dress, the Balamain Style is so you!But what I really really love are the thights, H&M?I can´t believe it, they are so cute!Saludos y BesosNadja

  10. Yes,"Sexy bitch" i playing in my blog…One of the best songs I`ve ever heard…Oh and I am going to his concert!yaaayI`ve been trying to find dotted tights like yours but I still haven`t found them!!!And I LOVE the dress too!Very sexy :)

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