I decided to post about this to thank all my readers, Illustrators & friends for the amazing drawings you have sent me. I honestly love them all and can’t believe how amazingly talented you all are, thanks for taking a little bit of your time to draw me.
They all look like me and capture my style perfectly!
Thank you so much!!!!

They recently asked me in an interview for a magazine (coming soon), what was the most rewarding thing of being a blogger and for me, it has to be the amazing people I have met through Style Scrapbook.
My readers (YOU) are the best!!! Thank you so much for visiting SS , for the amazing comments you leave, for all the advice, for all the features, all the blog awards and most importantly, for all your support through the almost 2 years!

& for all the new readers, WELCOME!!!!

P.S- Which illustration do you think captures me & my style the most? Let me know, I curious!



I know Im supposed to stay positive and look at the bright side of things, but honestly, what is to like about days like this?

I remember when I used to live in Mexico, I cherished rainy days because in days like this, I could stay home, watch a movie while sitting on the couch with a blanket, being lazy all day.
Now, this is how most days are!

On a positive note, I have been feeling extremely happy lately, no reason whatsoever! Ok, there might be a reason :P

Life seems much easier for me as an expat in Holland , it took a while but Im starting to feel much happier. Its always hard to live so far away from all the people you love and the place where you grew up (in my case Mexico) but doesn’t matter where I am now or were I will be in the future, I always bring them with me in my heart.

Anyway, I did my best to snap some outfit pics of my new leather skirt.
I have been wanting one for ages but I wasn’t able to find one that suit me the best though I think this one has a cool shape so I bought it.

How has your weekend been??? and most importantly, have you found a Halloween costume yet??? Have any plans for Halloween weekend? please SHARE!!! I would love to hear about it!



I was featured in the November issue of French Glamour magazine.

Big thanks to Lea from Glamour for contacting me about this!!!!

And to all my readers from France who let me know about it and sent me scans!



This is the perfect example of why fall is my favorite season when it comes to the colors of nature.
The pics were shot at the Amsterdam forest, one of the most beautiful places I’ ve seen in the city.

I was wearing my high waisted patched skinny jeans from H&M Trend, American apparel deep V neck and ZARA cropped leather jacket.

Can you guys believe we are a week away from November?????

I also wanted to take this chance to let you guys know that the new issue of the online mag, Glossy Magazine is out now.

I love the magazine, plus this month they have interviews with The Sartorialist, Jane Aldridge (Sea of Shoes) & the AMAZING Danny Roberts, which is my favorite fashion illustrator, please go check out his blog here and DONT MISS GLOSSY’ S NEW ISSUE!