I decided to post about this to thank all my readers, Illustrators & friends for the amazing drawings you have sent me. I honestly love them all and can’t believe how amazingly talented you all are, thanks for taking a little bit of your time to draw me.
They all look like me and capture my style perfectly!
Thank you so much!!!!

They recently asked me in an interview for a magazine (coming soon), what was the most rewarding thing of being a blogger and for me, it has to be the amazing people I have met through Style Scrapbook.
My readers (YOU) are the best!!! Thank you so much for visiting SS , for the amazing comments you leave, for all the advice, for all the features, all the blog awards and most importantly, for all your support through the almost 2 years!

& for all the new readers, WELCOME!!!!

P.S- Which illustration do you think captures me & my style the most? Let me know, I curious!



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  1. Thanks for posting my work up once again :) I really enjoy coming back to your blog and seeing all of the great outfits you put together! – Nicole :)

  2. Hello :) I'm a new reader and I just noticed your great look from lookbook.nu! I really love your style and I was thinking how big your clotheroom would be ; ) I'm from finland so I'll apologized my write mistakes!:D We don't spend halloween in here and that suck, really. If we're going to bar we MIGHT dressed up, but not anything else. You're inspiratig me so so much! Happy halloween for you and xoxo!

  3. De illustratie van angeline melin is het meest jou, maar de illustratie van eddy r. vind ik het mooist. Die heeft meer emotie dan de anderen en is minder gericht op je outfit. Je blog is trouwens super!

  4. wow those are so cool! i love your blog, youve got such a cute lookxoxo,Flekisskiss.blogspot.com <– two girls living in nyc and chicago blogging all things fashion!

  5. Thanks for your lovely comment, I saw it just a minute ago and it was at an older post! :$ Sorry! But thanks girl! It's really cool you got asked for an interview! Enjoy it!

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