Some of you might remember that I made this skirt last fall.

I completely forgot I had it, as my closet gets fuller and fuller, things start to dissapear in the background so I thought It might be time to do a massive clearout.

I will let you guys know about it and probably even start the StyleScrapbook closet store or something, we´ll see.

I think last weekend was the last chance to wear a skirt without tights. The temperature is dropping considerably and I dont know If I am ready for winter yet. I feel like my latin blood needs that little bit of sunshine everyday and that is just not going to happen in Holland, at least not during winter, tho I must say, I cant wait to start decorating for XMAS! (my fav time of the year).

I wanted to share this song with you guys, I found it recently and LOVED IT!, great to dance around home wearing an old tee and long socks, Oh yeah!

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  1. Me encanta tu outfit! sobretodo la falda.. son impresionantes tus creaciones! desde hace un tiempo que sigo tu blog y debo decir que es uno de mis preferidos sin duda.Ansío ver otros DIYbesos desde Argentina! :)

  2. Andy! estas fotos las habias colgado en algún blog antes? de todas formas ese reloj y esa diadema son la leche xD. pasa por mi blog anda mona que hay un articulito que conoceras y del que necesito opiniones porque quiero salir de dudas… en mi web hay un link con tu blog un besoooo ciao

  3. I am having the same problem with my closet. I keep forgetting I have all these wonderful clothes. Your skirt is gorgeous! I love your whole outfit and your photos are beautiful. Hope you have a great weekend! Not too many plans here- shopping maybe? :)

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