It´s crazy to think how things in my life are changing fast, for good.

Amazing things are happening and something tells me its just going to get better.

I want to thank to all my readers for being there and for all the amazing comments (which I read, every single one of them) Unfortunately I read most of them on the go from my BlackBerry and I am unable to answer them on the spot and by the time I get to my flat, I have so many things to do, I find hard to sit and answer them all, although I promised myself to try and answer as much as I can, I read them all, That I can tell you…

I have also been recieving a lot of messages with questions and like I said, by the time I get home, I forget to answer them so I am planning a Questions & Answers posting for the weekend, if you have any questions SHOOT in the next few days and I will try to answer as much of them as I can (as long as they are not too personal :P)

See you lovelies!!!


Black jeans: cheap monday
grey tank top: American apparel tri blend
white oversized shirt: vintage
Blazer: ZARA
Buckle ankle boots: SACHA


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  1. COMO SIEMPRE , UN ESTILISMO CUIDADO AL DETALLE… ME ENCANTA… que vivan los clásicos castañera de chanel … u nsaludo y porfa dime que opinas del tema de mi blog porque es algo duro de lo que me qiero aclarar y hay que zanja a la ade ya! un saludoooooooooooooBYE!!!

  2. me encantan tus botas!!!y la trenza inspirada en Alexander Wang me encanta, yo soy muy asidua a llevarla des de hace años y es de lo mas cómodo!!saludos

  3. Hey!! thanks for all the nice comments!! you guys are the best..The boots costed 109 euros, bought them a month ago :)Hope that helpsXOXOAndy

  4. hey girl :)I have to tell you that I fall in love with your style! damn your style is amazing, I really really reaaalllyyyy LOOVVEEE IT! haha :Dand you look so young.. like 17/18? wow! I wish you the best for your future ;)

  5. hola andy!siempre visito tus blogs (este y el que está en español), pero nunca me habia atrevido a escribirte jaja.. bueno rapidamente te digo que eres toooda una inspiración para mí :) y bueno, yo también soy mexicana, vivo en veracruz y me alegra tanto ver el talento que tienes y me da orgullo que seas mexicana!cuidate mucho y sigue así!you're so rad!! n_n

  6. Holaaa Andy, soy Karo de Alemaniaaa, remember moi? haha OYE paso para decirte específicamente que, bueno escribo en un blog colectivo de la escena regia y te pusimos como nuestra 'abroad it girl' hahah we all (heart) you! ( !y miles de felicidades por todos los cambios positivos que tieneees!! you are an inspiration ^-^cuidateeee muaaks! :D

  7. hi andy, I really love your sense in fashion..i was never really into it but now i visit your blog everyday…i love all the outfits and thanks for sharing to us. I just have this question. How tall are you?GOD BLESS and continue blogging..

  8. you are such a stylish girl and I can say that I check your blog daily :) I'm just wondering what job do you have in Amsterdam? I'm 19 but I look forward to go in USA or at least, anywhere else in europe.Was it hard for you to leave Mexico and move to Europe?sorry for my bag English.XX

  9. Adorable outfit! Your pictures are amazing! I am new to your blog, but I have fallen in love with it already. Your style is so impeccable!

  10. Magnific Andi…gorgeous…favolous…splendid…fantastic!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! beautifull photos… you're wonderfull… i'M COMMENT YOUR photos on lookbook yesterday… :-)

  11. Hot look:) Especially love the studded boots and that you made that look with blazer. :) about the readers: From time to time try to care about them, because that's you are writing: To show them how fashion is important for you, they are like your fans;)Monika from j'adore fashion

  12. Hi Andy,I love to visit your blog (daily), you’ve got Style! I'm also living in Amsterdam and it's nice to recognize some places in your pics. I do have a question, where do you go shopping for your vintage clothes? Besides the 9 streets? XoXo Shelley

  13. Re:Of course I know them! They make us Norwegians proud ;) Must have been quite an experience seeing them live too :D I haven't yet, though. Thanks for visiting, and commenting!

  14. You're amazing; I love these pictures – so natural and beautiful :) Stay stylish, girl – and don't worry about your readers and comments too much ;) We're still here, aren't we? :P

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