Today I decided to channel my inner Wang and try one of the gorgeous braids those models rocked at his SS 2010 show.

Why dont you give it a try?

P.S- Something very strange is happening to my hair, or at least in pictures because it definitely doesnt look the same way live.

A lot of people are asking me which color did I dye my hair and I DIDNT!!! I am terrified of hair DYE, I´ve never done it in my whole life and I wont untill I really have to, which will be in probably 20 years :P.

So there you have it, my reddish tone is an effect of the lighting, the winter, or maybe just the camera, but I havent done anything to it :).

P.S2- I have been recieving a lot of questions about which camera do I use, I have the CANON EOS 450 D, so there you have it :)




Black leather jacket: ZARA
Slouchy pants:ZARA
Zebra print shirt: ZARA
Ankle boots: Steve Madden
Earings: H&M

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  1. estas son mis fotos favoritas, de unos mesesillos para acá sigo fielmente tu blog,cuando te vi en nylon mx supe queno estaba equivocada y que hacia bien al consultar tu blog,bueno, mucha suerte, y como decía me guataron tus fotos de aquí, tucabello se ve guau.uuuu!!danii

  2. i love ur blog never left a comment but this time i had to leave a note !! you are the best blog around and your diy are sick!!! i love the way you wear your clothes!! i love that zara jacket on you!!kiss

  3. LOVE the hair braid!!!! it looks perfect on you… you pulled it off great!! I tried it on my hair… but its too short :)

  4. I wouldn't even notice if it wasn't for the lenghth. Looks beautiful and perfectly disguised, perfect and exact same color, can't see a difference!! Thank you so much for replying, xoxo

  5. Hey M Fields:Yeah, I am using a extension piece, you can barely see it right???Spare hair extentions are a great way to accesorize sometimes!!!xoxoAndy

  6. Love your blog and this particular outfit rocks.Wonder if you added some 'faux' hair to your braid? It seems longer than older pics (or the more recent post)..if so, where did you buy it? xoxo

  7. Loving the wang styled hair! wish mine was long enough!I have these pants too- you look much better in them though!linked your site on my blogroll- hope thats ok

  8. Will do, or at least try, I'm not really any good with hair whatsoever. Looks very pretty on you, and I'm loving the pictures. Paparazzi style.

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