Fooling around with my cam on a friday night, just before going out for sushi and coming back high on soy sauce.

I was wearing my new sequin leggings, although you cant see them very well since the pics were taken at night and indoors.

I have been a bit rubbish at taking outdoor pics lately and the reason why is because the weather is getting worse and worse everyday and as you know, I live in Holland and the rain makes my hair go MAD, so I take the pics before I get out.

I must say, I HATE taking indoor pics, I think they are boring and have no interesting elements about them, but Im in the process of figuring out the best solution (if there is one), maybe moving back to Mexico would be the best one? (which will not happen anytime soon since I said that I would have to live in Paris AT LEAST for 2 years before going back to the Americas).

Sequin leggings: h&m
Oversized shirt: ZARA
Shoes: ZARA
Necklace: market in Mexico


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  1. i love your style! it is so fresh and wonderful. I love the shoes!and you have a great blog. I really like to watch your blog, all thought i live in finland. keep going. :)

  2. Hola!!!Hace algunos meses que sigo tu blog, mismo antes de empezares con tu blog en ELLE y la verdad es que me gusta mucho tus looks, que siempre tienen un toque especial, mismo los mas sencillos! Esas leggins me encantan! Estoy en ello para comprarme unas hace tiempo pero todavia no encontre ningunas que sienten mismo bien!Besitos

  3. Hi Andy!Yes I was there today, quickly dropping by h&m as well! So I think it might have been me!Hahah, too bad I didn't catch you talking to yourself that moment :PReally love the outfit you're wearing!! And are you living in Amsterdam at this moment or are you on a city trip?x!

  4. cute pics, so fun flipping the hair. I know what you mean about the outdoor pics. I love the lighting from the natural sun and different scenery of the outdoors. Since it gets dark so early, i can never take my photos outside in the natural sunlight!

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