October 1, 2009 in Uncategorized by Andy

And my weekend starts today! No work untill Monday and just french lessons tomorrow.
Nothing better than French class on a friday morning right? 😛

I finally signed up for a new gym again, this time is much bigger and nicer. Havent worked out in about 4 months so getting back into it will be interesting, at the moment I need serious coffee if Im even considering attending, we´ll see…

Oversized grey sweater: H&M
Sandals: ZARA

Skirt: made it myself
Bow headband: H&M

I have been featured in this months issue of Magnificent magazine, such a cool magazine I must say!!
Thanks so much to Nathalie Palsson for contacting me!!!!

To check the interview click here and find me on page 56-57.

The last question in the interview has a mistake, Im sure you´ll notice that indie music is not what inspires me in life even though I like it a lot 😛