For some reason I feel really drawn to black and even though sometimes I try to add some pop of colors here and there, I always go back to my dear black, specially as the cold weather gets closer.

I found this Grace Jones shirt in ZARA and I thought it was odd and cool so I bought it, right away, not to mention my new Buckle ankle booties ” a la CHLOÉ!” How cool are they????

Skirt: H&M
Grace Jones shirt: ZARA
Blazer: ZARA
Ankle buckle boots: SACHA
Headband: DIY


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  1. i've got just a similiar pair of boots.I'm going to add you to my blogroll, and follow you. Feel free to do the same ;)

  2. I am sooo very jealous that u are wearing the shoes that i took too long to click "buy" so they are all sold out. oh well i can live through ur pics. :) I love ur blog. would u care to exchange links?!?!xxfashionlayne

  3. Me encantan esos botines! Yo quiero hacerme con unos que he visto en Bershka, pero creo que no estaban en negro!El negro es algo del que creo que pocas podemos prescindir a la hora de vestirnos sobre todo cuando el cielo es gris y hace frio… yo llevo dos dias de negro y gris, que tengo que cambiar ya porque me voy a terminar deprimiendo!

  4. i just love allll your outfit and your blog. ;) Im just cant believe, that i was living in holland for 1 year( for exchange program) in Alphen aan den Rijn. Im brazilian. But im already back, and we was like just 30km from each others. :((( damn! too late.. ;~~ Before i came back i did a course in London, in Saint Martins College – pattern cutting for 16 -18 years old. Was looooooooveeellyy… hehehespreek je nederlands toch? wat doe jij in nederlands?xx,Dani.

  5. I just think you hace an amaaaaaazing sens of style!!! I've been following you on Lookbook (you are famous, believe me)Ho, and I'm really happy to see that I have the same shoes^^Happy Jane!!!!!

  6. I can't believe that I just found your blog! Always loving to find another Zara maniac but your style is much more beyond gorgeous.I did a quick feature on my blog and added you to my blogroll. Enjoy and hope to see you your comments and recommendation :)

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