I found WIFI that I can use during the day from my flat (no, they still havent installed my internet), so Im using somebody elses, dont tell!!! ;).

I wanted to let you know about an interview I did for MINMOTE.NO a Norwegian fashion magazine. The interview is in nowegian but you can check it out here if you want :)

It seems like autum cant wait to begin and Holland has been pretty “cold” lately (take into account that I am Mexican and for me, 13 degrees is COLD! haha)
On the other hand, winter clothes are my fav and Im pretty much obsessed with layering, so I guess is the positive side that will get me through this winter, hopefully! Oh! and yes, I was freezing with this outfit :P

P.S-I made the skirt


Look what I found at the book store :) !!


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  1. Hey! Do you know where can i get the sartorialist book in Spain? maybe on the internet…but not amazon the price is too expensive including the shipping cost! thanks ^^

  2. I so love your blog. I already read everything. <3 You`re an inspiration! And oh, if you sell that skirt, I would definately buy it!

  3. love the outfit, and the skirt is gorgeus! But where have you bought the blazer? Cathrine from NorwayPS – I found the link to your blog on ;)

  4. Oh God! I've discovered you just 10 minuts ago! What a nice discovery: gorgeous blog, amazing outfits and a beautiful lady! What else?Kisses from Mallorca!Elisa

  5. is your watch a nixon? i wanted it sooo bad, also a rubine one, but couldn't make a decision and when finally went to a shop (it didn't took long :)) it turned out, that someone else has bought it right before my arrival. i'm THAAAAT jealous of it, envy you. and love your blog, of course :) big up :)

  6. looove your skirt!! and love your blog! i found it a while ago and i read it completely! now im always cheking for new posts ahaha kisses from chile!! far far away but hope i'll be in europe next january.. cant waitand congratulations for your awesome blog

  7. oh my god, i just LOVE this outfit!! that skirt is so fabulous!and i like your blog very much:) reading this blog makes me always smile :)xo veera:)

  8. I just love your god damn fashionable and faaab blog! The greatest one I've seen yet – and i've been through a whole lot…! I'm so inspired it almost hurts that i'm already done reading all your posts. Thank you :)

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