I still dont have internet but was lucky enough to pick up a signal from my flat, it wont last long, so I´ll update while I can.
I found the grey shoes at a store last week and it was love at first sight and no, Im not sick of studs just yet.
Simple outfit with Harem ZARA pants, grey American apparel shirt & another little sneak preview from my new flat.

Im getting the wall paper done next thursday, so as soon as thats done, Ill post some pics of the whole thing.

BTW, i want to thank Natasha from RAZZ Magazine for featuring me in their September issue, Thanks so much! To go check it out click here.(find me on page 20-21)


P.S- The eiffel tower from my last post is a massive picture I bought at IKEA.



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  1. love our blog, and your outfits too, you always look amazing. One question, what do you use to get the writing as your title for each post? is it a programme, or what? I have been looking to jazz up my blog with something like that for ages, but i can't find anything good to use for it. thanks. x

  2. I just found your blog, and I must say I LOVE IT!I really like all your photos, and Ilove the eiffel tower wallpaper you have in one of the pictures!! Where did you get that?Lena

  3. I'm in love with the pant's length and shoe combo. Very hot. Did I mention you are my style inspiration? You are my fave style blogger, lovely. Thanks for giving me such beautiful ideas.cxx

  4. Oh my god,I love your look,the shirt is super.I love it how you wear those pants,I bought similar pants and still don`t know how to wear them,thanks a lot for the inspiration;)

  5. those shoes are veeery nice! nd where did you find a mannequin like that? I've been loking for it for ages, but haven0t found it anywhere!xoxo

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