It is no surprise that as soon as I laid my eyes on this shirt I wanted to have it.
I have been following Danny for a while now and I am pretty sure all of you do as well.
If you ask me, I would say he is the most talented illustrator of our generation and he has his work to prove it.

I think its amazing how thanks to the internet, a lot of people are getting the break that they DESERVE and I am pretty sure he will get VERY, VERY FAR!!! I wish him the best, but he doesn´t need it since he is shooting to super stardom already, all I need is to wish that one day, I could be a part of his blogger series.
Wouldnt that be awesome? :P

If you want the Girls in Glasses tee, click here, YOU WANT IT DONT YOU?
And visit Danny´s blog HERE


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  1. amazing outfit! i am in love with that shirt as well. i think you just convinced me that i need it. i love your blog btw. xoxo

  2. Thanks everyone!!!! FashionLagniappe: I ordered a size small, it is still a bit big tho, because its unisex.Hope that helps ;)

  3. Gorgeous outfit Andy!As always!!!!!!!!!!!!!The skirt is so cute!Danny Roberts is so talented ( I whish him the best) and I love this tee! I WANT THIS TEE ;)

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