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  2. Oooh, this would be ideal but that hot climate thing you speak of pretty much sums up Byron Bay. Knee high socks for now, the boots may have to wait until winter :( x

  3. me encantan estas botas, y por lo que he visto en los avances de temporada vienen un montonazo!a ver si me hago con unas!estás guapísima!un besazooo

  4. ooh i wish i could wear them right now but it's kinda HARD since it's like 38 degrees centigrade in here right now… but i am definitely gonna buy them :) You look great as usual, x

  5. yes! i saw you on the glossy magazine! u look stunning as always! Love the knee high boots! i actually have some identical ones!! black suede! i love them!!!not sure if they are the same brand….but here in Cali it's too hot to wear them!!! :( I cant wait for the weather to start getting colder so i can wear them!! :)i am actually counting down the days!aRi

  6. Hihi I just bought the exact same ones!! I already had them in brown last year, you're seriously not gonna stop wearing them in the winter. I suggest you don't now so you won't be sick of them!

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