Not only he was the King of Pop but he had amazing style too, no wonder why (and its pretty obvious) Christophe has designed BALMAIN latest collections inspired in him and we are all crazy about them.
P.S-I wonder who is keeping all his gorgeous BALMAIN possessions

Michael no solo era el Rey del Pop, ¡Pero que estilazo tenía!, no es ninguna coincidencia que Christophe se inspirara en el para las colecciones pasadas de BALMAIN, ¡Las mismas que ahora nos traen locas a todas!
P.S- Me pregunto quien se va a quedar con todas sus posesiones de BALMAIN.

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16 thoughts on “THE KING IN BALMAIN

  1. Michael was an innocent, gentle soul, with an amazing talent.In his honor, I created a jacket that is listed on ebay, please take a peek: black sequin military band jacket.And, also because I heart Balmain's Christoph's styles so much, I am creating and listing several corset/studded/ballerina/80s/tutu dresses, similar to his spring runway!Off to work on the dresses some more, please take a peek/1dee

  2. In my blog,I wrote that he was a fashion icon, too. Still can't get over it, he was the one and only, nobody can achieve non of his good features ever :( I miss him so much!

  3. amiga de vez en cuando me meto a ver lo que escribes oye me encanta el sakito de la 2do foto esta increible con todos esos botones como de metal esta de guevooos no me kieres hacer uno igual pero que me quede asi ajustadisimo como a el ? andale andale andale! besos :)

  4. Hey girl! I know you must be busy, but can you recommend some ebay stores that you shop at? I'm new there and (surprise)it's my newest ADDICTION. I can't seem to figure my way around the damn place, though, to find the REAL good stuff, you know? If you can help, great- anyone else too! Thanks, AngieMy email addy: [email protected].S. Love your blog; read it religiously!

  5. Bye bye Michael =(A él se le permitía todo y gracias a él tenemos esa colección de Balmain, con sus chaquetas y sus sandalias de tachuelas a lo "Bad"…

  6. solo el podria lucir tambien en balmain y siendo hombre..solo imagenense como vas a ser las siguientes temporadas todas inspiradas en el!

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