Tereza from Fashion as a Weapon was nice enough to interview me through lookbook.nu and write a little about me on her blog.
Thanks darling!!!
To see the full interview
click here

Tereza de Fashion as a Weapon me contacto el otro día desde lookbook.nu para escribir un pequeño artliculo/entrevista, sobre mi en su blog.
¡¡¡¡Gracias Tereza!!!!

Para ver la entrevista completa, haz click aqui

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  1. Nice interview!hey, could you tell me some great places to go in Amsterdam?I'm going with my boyfriend this friday for a week and I need some good advice… please?thank you!Love your blog =)

  2. you did a GREAT interview . i went and read it . so you moved over there for the bf ? super romantic .solo queria decir tambien (y en espanol) que me encanta tu blog y suenas como una persona muy interesantesorry if my spanish is kinda a rough thing . but i thought i d try it out .

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