SALES, SALES, SALES EVERYWHERE!!! Its the most wonderful time of the year…lol
They are back, they are here ladies & gentlemen!

What have you bought??? I paid a visit to ZARA on friday and here is one of the things that I bought, I will be posting more pics about this lovely orange/red shirt this week and eventually, I will show you all the other things I got and will be getting in the next few weeks.

BTW, my Bday is in 3 weeks(17 July), what do you advice me to do?????(Last year, I celebrated with a weekend to Paris!) Im excited, wondering if I will get any presents and what will they be :)


¡Están de regreso, ya estan aquí damas y caballeros! haha
¿Que han comprado? Yo me fui a visitar a ZARA el viernes y esta es una de las cosas que compré, ya despues con mas calma les iré enseñando mas cosas que he comprado y compraré en las proximas semanas :)

Por cierto, en 3 semanas es mi cumpleaños (17 Julio), que me recomiendan hacer, que no tengo ni idea! (el año pasado me lo pasé en Paris), estoy emocionada y me pregunto si recibiré algun regalo, espero que mi novio se ponga de esplendido ;)

20 thoughts on “IT IS SALE TIME!!!!!

  1. Sale time it's the best time ever, sadly enoug, it hasn't bgun yet in italy, so i'm actually counting the days down waiting to go and buy loads of stuff :D Yeah well anyway i couldn't resist today n i bought a pair of fabulously original espadrillas like i'd never seen before, i'm going to post some snaps on my blog in a few days, come have a look! :Doh and, the top is fab, and i love zara, too U.U

  2. Aquí hasta el miércoles nada! Por cierto, uso la Nikon D60, con 2 objetivos, el de 18-55 y 55-200.un beso

  3. I love that skirt you're wearing too! I haven't bought much in the sales yet, can't take all the madness! I want to go to Paris for my birthday too, it's about a month after yours.

  4. i love sales too but its hard to get something my size!!!check out my blog

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