So as you all know, this is my proudest DIY to date; ¨the Balmain look a like jacket¨.

I just dont want to stop wearing it, even tho one day, I will have to.
It has the most amazing power shoulders and I love it to bits, so I decided to recreate ¨my own¨ BALMAIN look :).
Of course, it will never be as amazing as the original, but that doesnt mean I should stop trying right? :P

Usando my DIY favorito, mi chaqueta ¨a la BALMAIN¨.
No está tan increible como la original, pero eso no quiere decir que no me la pueda poner ¿no?

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  1. this outfit is LOVE!! I went to my bloglovin and I saw your blog on the you might like it area, and true enough I LIKE, no, I LOVE your blog!=) will add you to my link list..=)

  2. you are so good… with the chanel bag i thought it was balmain!!!!check out my blog

  3. Me neither but who cares? The collection is gonna make history.I just featured you with this look in a post about bleached jeans.

  4. que ideal eres!! de verdad vas total siempre customizas todo y hija que bien te lo montas!!te cuento tengo tu blog en mis prefes pero te he metido en blogs del mundo esos como no sé cuando actualizas pues tardo más en visitaros, mil perdones!!besosahora te miro eso;)

  5. Genial el blazer…!Creo que Zara esta a punto de sacar su balmain…Quizás para la nueva temporada…!Enhorabuena por tu blog, es fantástico..!xOxOOMery

  6. I think it IS every bit as amazing as the original, because it's one-of-a-kind. The closest I'll ever get to it is that Target vest that looks sort of similar, but of course isn't as special. You have a gift, girl!

  7. you are amazingly talented! you did an amazing job on the jacket. and i love your jeans and your purse too :)

  8. Pues a mí me gusta casi como la original, te quedó estupenda =)=)!!!Por cierto, en el Zara de Florencia tenían una de este estilo para chico… increíble!1besoo

  9. It's absolutely fabulous, you should wear it all the time if you feel like it, it's such a great piece!! You are so talented.

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