Here is what I wore today and also a video of the talented and eccentric Lady Gaga, singing one of my fav songs of her; Paparazzi (the piano version)
Enjoy and have an amazing weekend!!!!


Aquí está lo que me puse hoy mas un video le la excentrica pero talentosisima Lady Gaga, cantando una de mis canciones favoritas; Paparazzi (en verison de piano)
¡¡¡Disfruten y felíz fin de semana!!!

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  1. Hei!I just LOVE your style and your blog! This blazer and the whole outfit is super cute so really: good job! :)anyway I tagged you on my blog, so if you'll have time check it out ;)greetings from Slovenia!xoxo

  2. I hadn't visited your blog until I found it at google and at first I tought you were spanish so I had an amazing surprise when I read you were mexican, and your style get me dazzled. As we know, mexican girls (not all, but the most) are not so into fashion, or they don't risk too much so It's good to look at. I'm a "fashionholic" and I will start my fashion and photography degree in Mty so It would be a pleasure to meet you, I give you my mail address so you could find me in facebook: [email protected] congrats! and I hope we'll stay in touch.

  3. Hey Andy!I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that blazer! And that bow had band, I have one(actually I have a lot of had bands), but I look absolutely ridiculous when I wear them…you look so cute!xoxo

  4. That blazer is perfection! And even though I don't much care for lady gaga's music, I have to say, she sure has fun with fashion, and I give her props for that.

  5. hi Andy, i love your blog and your style.tell me please, where did you bought your sandals?, they're cute, let me tell you that i love the yellow one's too.;) enya

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