20 thoughts on “SATURDAY AFTERNOON

  1. your blog is great! Is very personal, and your style is amazing, so simple and special at the same time- Can I post some of your pics on my blog as a great example of street style?http://www.lostinfashion.net/Also the dresses you made are really cute, would you do one for me? (payng of course!) Let me knowxVero

  2. the dress is wonderful. I love your style and your blog is also very nice. long time i visited your lookbook page but now I found you als o you blog. I also have a blog but it is not nice. I am new but i am workin on it maybe one day when it is is nice you can visit it…byeee

  3. I absolutely love this outfit. Long time I visit your blog but never left a comment, now it’s time! Your style is amazing, love your blog :)

  4. wow de verdad me gusta tu estilo haha encontre to bolg por lookbook.nu i es de vdd magifico me gusta la moda i estoi planeando estudiar diseño asi ke tu blog de verdad me inspira gracias :D

  5. acabo de descubrir tu blog chateando con dana de deco-love, me lo pasó. estan muy padres tus fotos. te agrego a mis links para no perderte.

  6. Estás guapísima!No me puedo creer que hayas hecho el vestido…es precioso!!!Y la combinación con blazer y esas sandalias..perfecta!La diadema muy Blair.Te agrego a mi lista de blogs.ok?Besos

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