Thanks to everyone for your good wishes (about the wisdom teeth situation), It SUCKED! I was really, really scared, thank god I had my eyes closed the whole time, but I still felt the 6 inyections and once the anesthesia kicked in, I couldnt feel anything but since I knew what was coming, I could pretty much picture EVERYTHING! Even the stitches…Oh god, soooo creepy!
Im trying to leave it behind now, and hopefully the swelling will be gone by tomorrow.
I am pretty sick of eating soups and mashed fruits, I need real food, its crazy how much I miss it and it has been 1 DAY!

Anyway, back to my nail polish picks, I love all of these colors! I have the 3 on top, I just need the 3 on the bottom and I personally LOVE the brand OPI, it lasts a long time and the coverage is amazing. If you haven´t tried it, do, you´ll like it!

Gracias a todos por sus buenos deseos. Ayer me sacaron las muelas del Juicio, las 2 del lado derecho, pero despues de la experiencia de ayer, ni loca que vuelvo a sacarme la que me falta!

La de arriba fue facil de sacar, en la de abajo, me tubieron que cortar y coser al final, nisiquiera lo quiero recordar que ma dan escalofríos. La verdad estoy harta de comer papillas y sopas, quisiera comerme una hamburguesa!!!!
Espero que la hinchazón se baje para mañana, estoy siendo muy positiva y ya no quiero hablar de eso que me trae malos recuerdos haha.

Volviendo al tema de los barnices de uñas, estos son mis favoritos para primavera verano 09, ¿Cuales son los tuyos?


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  2. Con lo que cuentas no me quiero sacar las muelas del juicio¡¡¡¡ y eso que necesito hacerlo x q cada 2 meses se me hinchan los cachetes y me pongo malita x la muelaespero que te mejores ¡¡¡¡salu2.

  3. love that poppy colored one!so, i have the worst toothache right now! i feel like we are somehow connected haha!i just had my wisdom teeth out a few months ago, but i didn’t have any anesthesia! they just pulled them!! it was AWFUL!!!!! i can’t even tell you. try to survive the soups if you can, and i hope you have your bf to care for you, or someone! get rest and feel better!

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