34 thoughts on “SAFARI CHIC

  1. Hey, I’m french so sorry if I don’t speak english very well but I love your outfit and especially your blog !!See you =)http://chloefeels.blogspot.com/

  2. ANDY you kill me with your DIYs i cant keep saying how amazing u are…nice dress of course, but your skirt and your BLAZERS!!!!!!!!!!! slay me now. haha. i cant sew to save my life and i only wish i could do half of what you do.fabulous, babe!!!!!! cheersandrea oxoxxxLife In Technicolor

  3. oooh i have the same dress.but i dont think i will keep it.dont know why.the fabric is weird.dont you think so??the outfit is beautiful, though.

  4. Zebra always works !!Me gusta ;) (hoop dat ik het zo juist zeg)..CHeck out my blog too, and tell me what you think (feedback is altijd welkom :), zeker vn iemand met een fantastische blog :) )

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