I, like most of you, ADORE BALMAIN.

I would wear absolutely everything Christophe designs and when I say everything, I mean it.

I have to confess, I was anxiously waiting for this collection to come out and the months I had to wait seemed long, let me tell you that.
Yesterday, when I finally laid my eyes on it (thanks to I fell in love, I knew I would do, but I wasnt WOWED.

Dont get me wrong tho! I LOVE the collection, but there is something about it that I have seen before (the previous 2 seasons of Balmain)
I see the same shapes (although, I have to say, I am SO into shoulder pads now), but the jackets have the same shapes we saw last season and some of the dresses too.
Its a little monochromatic with splashes of electric blue, here and there. We see leather, we see studs, we see sequins & big shoulders which we have already seen last season.

It is very Christophe and it has the modern BALMAIN Rock and Roll glam stamp all over it.
He just blew me away last season and I´m still completely obsessed with that collection, I will be for a while I think, maybe last season was a strike of genius and as much as I love this new collection, his last one will always be one of my favourites (SO FAR!).
What do you think?

Creo que tengo una ligera obsesión por BALMAIN, tal vez tu también.

Te juro que me pondría absolutamente todo lo que Christophe diseña y cuando digo todo, lo digo en serio.
He estado esperando esta coleccion por meses y aunque la espera se me hizo un poco larga, ayer por fin (gracias a pude admirar Balmain otravez y por mucho que me fascino, no me impactó, como la coleccion de primavera/verano.

No lo vayas a malinterpretar, no es que no me haya gustado, ¡AL CONTRARIO!
El problema es, que siento que es algo que ya habíamos visto antes (en sus colecciones pasadas)

Yo veo los blazers y chamarras con los mismos cortes, veo estoperoles, veo lentejuelas, y veo esas hombreras tipo 80´s (¡que por cierto me tienen loca! haha).
Todo es increiblemente estetico y perfecto, el único problema es que siento que ya no es novedoso, por que ya lo habíamos visto antes.

Tal vez es por que yo me obsesioné con su coleccion pasada y ahora todo lo comparo con ella.

Igual esta coleccion me fascina y probablemente me veras haciendo algunos proyectos DIY es un futuro, peor para mi, su coleccion de Primavera/Verano, siempre va a ser mi favorita (al menos hasta ahora).
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15 thoughts on “ITS BALMAIN BABY

  1. Me encanta Balmain, aunqe tienes razón, no aporta nada nuevo en esta colección.Pero me volví totalmente adicta a Chris despues del VESTIDAZO de la Penélope en los Oscar..GOOOSHH!


  3. Hi!You also write in Spanish?!=)I really love your post,those are great as always..;DAnd look at that electric blue dress?!Love it friend.;DI hope you could put my blog in your site.I would really appreciate it.;DHave a nice day.

  4. Hola Andy!Estan muy padres los diseños… y de tu post pasado, me ecanto la falda rosa, yo estoy deseando hacerme una desde hace rato pero con el trabajo no he tenido tiempo, el fin que sigue es puente aqui en mexico asi que espero tener tiempo para hacerla ;)Saludos, que estés bien.

  5. Couldn’t agree more with u…If it wasn’t because I know all the pieces of each of its collections better than my own name, all the pieces could fit into the same one…But I absolutely LOVE it, seriously…Hey! I’ve just notices u also write in Spanish! How come?XX

  6. I quite agree with you. I loved the previous collection. Since this one seems sort of an extended version of it I like it as well but it’s thus a little bit less exciting than the first time I laid eyes upon last year’s collection. I also agree with the comment from I Mike Stuff who talked about formula. I guess it must be kinda hard when your imagination produces something so great and that is such a hit in the fashion world to find a way to do better, or different.

  7. Well, Decarnin found a formula that worked (oh lord did it work) and now he’s relying on that formula to carry him forward. Unfortunately, he will have to evolve in order to stay relevant, but in the meantime, I love it! I never would have thought someone could make me want to wear big shoulders!!

  8. Yo opino lo mismo, su coleccion de Primavera/Verano es mucho mejor que esta, aun asi, sigue siendo muy Balmain, pero como tu dices, ya está visto.

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