March 1, 2009 in Uncategorized by Andy

I figured I should wear the combination of black and grey while I still can, because to be perfectly honest, I think I will try to stay away from those colors on spring and summer!!
I will probably have some pops of neon yellow, pink and orange, maybe even forest green (like that amazing Balmain sequin dress) but there is always infinite posibilities when it comes to clothes.
The Spring/Summer shows had so much to offer and so many different things to play with, so I´m sure we will make something work .
Just dont think I´ll stop wearing the “Boyfriend Blazer”, that I will keep, maybe with a pair of bleached denim shorts or bright color mini skirts, oh so many options!!!
What will you be wearing for Spring??
Creo que voy a utilizar esta combinación de gris y negro mientras pueda, por que la verdad, no pienso usarla en lo absoluto para Primavera o Verano.
Para esas temporadas, voy a irme con el amarillo fosforescente, rosa, blanco, beige y tal vez verde bosque (¡Como el vesido de lentejuelas de Balmain!).
¡Pero para que limitarme, si hay posibilidades infinitas!
Las pasarelas para Primavera y Verano tienen tantas opciones, que va a ser super diverido combinarlas y mas con todos los colores que siendo honestas, ¡Van a atraer muchas miradas!