I am into denims, I´ve always loved them but for the past 3 years, I´ve been loyal to the skinny jeans. Today, however, I felt like adding a little more flare to my outfit, so I picked up my wide legged jeans and wore them for the second time since I bought them :S (which was last spring)

To be honest, I am not planning on wearing them a whole lot, but feeling like a hippie once in a while, cant harm anyone, right??? lol
La verdad es que me fascinan los jeans, siempre he sido mega fan, pero en los ultimos 3 años, le he sido muy fiel a mis pantalones de pitillo.

Hoy, sentí que debería de intentar algo nuevo.

Tengo unos pantalones acampanados que compré la primavera pasada y los pobres estaban refundidos en mi closet asi que decidí darles una oportunidad,¿¿¿es mejor variarle un poco no???

La verdad no pienso utilizarlos demasiado (no se vayan a encelar mi otros jeans! haha).Pero de vez en cuando, sentirme ina hippie, no me lo quita nadie :)..

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21 thoughts on “A LITTLE MORE FLARE

  1. I am so into the trouser jean style myself right now, I have about five pair and wear them so often for after work mixers and such, so fun to pair with just about anything on top. Lovely & glad to see you are a fan also, you are fantastic…have a happy weekend…xo

  2. You look amazing in either skinny or wide leg jeans!!!I’m big fan of skiny too but yeah maybe one of this days my inner hippie will come out! Take Care

  3. Beautiful ! Wish I could show you how I do the little kiss that italian chefs do on their fingers to show you how I love the outfit ! btw, I have a question, qhat shoes do you wear them with ? I tried with ballerinas and don’t really feel confortable … help ! xxsing-me-songs.blogspot.com

  4. pues a mi me encantan los pantalones estos acampanados, precisamente hoy llevo unos que me encantan!:)Un beso wapa!me encanta tu look

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