January 13, 2009 in Uncategorized by Andy

I told you it was too cold! all the canals are frozen! I said I would not start walking on them, I was really scared that the ice wouldnt be thick, break and I would end up getting wet and dying of hypothermia (you can see that I am not paranoid at all lol)

Anyway, at the end, my bf convinced me and I did it. It turned out that the ice was in fact really thick so there was no problem at all. You should have seen all the people skating further down, it looked so pretty, tho it was way too cold and I was able to manage 10 min out of the car, that was about it :P.

Here is a small guest appearance from my bf, helping me to get out of the ice, otherwise wearing those high heels I would have ended up sliding and with a head concussion :S.